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Thread: Chesnaught vs Serperior

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    Default Re: Chesnaught vs Serperior

    Like this poll bro, I have though about their development influences too.
    The people who bear with me know all too well I'm a die-hard serperior fan, I'd totally prefer serperior over other pokés but when it's time to talk avoiding fangirlism I can't say a lot 'bout serpy:
    Whose design do you prefer?:
    Serperior. Since I saw it in BW I picked it all the way, which is rare for me since I'm one of taking the water starter since 1st gen.. Kinda hard too 'cause I loved Unova starters. Not saying Chesnaught designs is ugly but between them, I prefer the beautiful and elegant serperior.

    Who has the better pre-evolutions?
    Snivy and chespin? Snivy, it's of the cutest.
    Servine and Quilladin? Quilladin, just for the poké amie I guess.. his open mouthed face it's just too adorable <3, and when he smiles... I got kinda scared of servine's look when you pet him in the wrong place, you only get to see its angry red eyes >_<.

    Who would win?
    Looking at their stats it's easy to define Chesnaught is far more powerful than serperior, the snake 'mon only wins in terms of speed. With his poor attack and sp atk even its cool HA contrary it's not much help against another grass type.
    Hard to admit, Chesnaught.

    Who do you prefer?
    No matter if it's not very competitive or its design might not be the best for certain people. I don't care about stats and fancy things when I choose my fav 'mon, so sticking with serperior. My fav 'mon ever~

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    Default Re: Chesnaught vs Serperior

    Chesnaught wins for having a better movepool and being Bagon v.2 regarding design. Serperior made Black version a nightmare that I ended up boxing it -.-

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    Default Re: Chesnaught vs Serperior

    While chesnaught may be kind of cool if he really is a glypdodont, if he's just an armored squirrel/ other rodent like my gut tells me.... then I don't like it XD Serperior is always cool~
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    Default Re: Chesnaught vs Serperior

    Who's design do you prefer?
    Serperior. It has a regal feel to it, and I love its "superior" look. Chesnaught kinda lacks in design, but it could've looked worse.

    Who has better pre-evolutions?
    Again, Serperior. I love Snivy and Servine, especially Snivy and its smug look. Chespin is cute, but I really don't like Quilladin at all.

    Who would win?
    Chesnaught would win in a battle. Serperior would set up with Coil/Calm Mind but Chesnaught would probably take Serperior down with STAB Hammer Arm before Serperior could attack with Outrage/Dragon Pulse or Outrage/Dragon Pulse would still not do enough damage.

    Who do you prefer?
    I prefer Serperior. I have a level 100 Serperior I've had in my main party since White 2 came out, since I chose her. She was really good throughout the game and eventually I taught her Coil, Leaf Blade, Aqua Tail, and Outrage. Chesnaught just has so many weaknesses and I love my Serperior

    My vote goes to Serperior for being one of my most trusted Pokémon, design, and pre-evos.
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    Default Re: Chesnaught vs Serperior

    While I haven't actually used Chesnaught yet, I did try to start a game with Snivy once and had to restart the game completely. Serperior's line is the worst. For those of you who love snakes, use any other available snake besides Serperior.

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    Default Re: Chesnaught vs Serperior

    I think both Serperior and Chesnaught has great designs (which is the usual for Grass-type starters, if you ask me), but I will pick Chesnaught, just because Chespin is absurdly cute (and well, so is Chesnaught, to some extent. Look at its face!) and I have a soft spot for anthropomorphic Pokémon. Plus, I tend to prefer dual-typed Pokémon over single-typed ones, specially when said Pokémon are starters (who should be unique and more important than regular Pokémon, therefore I find single-typed starters quite boring).

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