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Thread: Braviary vs Staraptor

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    Default Braviary vs Staraptor

    I am using both and I thought about who is best of them. Both are good physical attackers, both can fly and both can learn a Fighting type move.
    Whois most useful?
    Who has the best design?
    Who are your favorite?
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    Default Re: Braviary vs Staraptor

    I like Staraptor's design the most. Plus, it learns Close Combat and has an awesome cry. I am still sad that it isn't Flying/Fighting though.

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    Default Re: Braviary vs Staraptor

    I like Braviary's design better. It can also learn Hone Claws and Rock Slide/Tomb.
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    Default Re: Braviary vs Staraptor

    Please refer to this thread for Braviary vs. Staraptor (or Staraptor Vs. Braviary, as it is called):

    Staraptor Vs. Braviary

    Thanks for reading.
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