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    Default Battle of the Bills

    vs. vs. vs.

    Which duck-based Pokémon is your favorite?

    Who has the better...

    • Design
    • Move Pool
    • All-Around Use
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    Ludicolo is the best because it is also a pineapple!

    It also gets the best moves, since you can use Hydro Pump/Ice Beam/Giga Drain/Focus Blast OR Waterfall/Ice Punch/Seed Bomb/Drain Punch (with Swords Dance somewhere!) OR any variety of supporting moves like Rain Dance, Leech Seed, Fake Out, and Teeter Dance. It can be a special attacker, physical attacker, or a support pokemon; use whatever you want to!

    You can also use it for HM moves in-game if you want, since it gets Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Rock Smash, Flash, and Strength, AND it's still a usable team member even while having those moves!

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    Default Re: Battle of the Bills

    Ludicolo by a longshot!


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