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  • Pidgeot

    17 29.31%
  • Fearow

    7 12.07%
  • Noctowl

    10 17.24%
  • Skarmory

    18 31.03%
  • Swellow

    11 18.97%
  • Staraptor

    28 48.28%
  • Unfezant

    6 10.34%
  • Rufflet

    4 6.90%
  • Braviary

    25 43.10%
  • Mandibuzz

    7 12.07%
  • None

    2 3.45%
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Thread: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

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    Default Re: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

    Staraptor has close combat just because

    Pidgeot is my favorite because it has an awesome design.
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    Default Re: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

    Noctowl's not really a bird of prey, but it's my favorite of all the options listed. I'm a fan of owls, and its psychic abilities make it an interesting choice. Swellow follows closely due to its design and usefulness (that I discovered after a recent run of Emerald), and Skarmory is always a favorite due to its great utility. I have varying feelings of fondness for the rest, though I'm confused as to why only Braviary gets its pre-evolution mentioned.

    Bottom line, Noctowl.

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    Default Re: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

    Either Staraptor (Close Combat FTW) or Braviary (Possibility of getting the elemental punches).

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    Default Re: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

    Thank you for granting us the ability to vote for multiple 'mons. I like so many of these I wouldn't get myself to vote if I could pick just one! Ok, that's a lie, but still.


    First pick is Pidgeot. It looks pretty cool, its hue of tan is awesome, and the colourful "hair" and tail feathers help keeping things away from being boring. It's not very powerful, but I like how it keeps stats somewhat balanced with some extra speed to pull its weight off, though its moveset is rather lackbuster. Still, Pidgeot is my flyer of choice for Gen I.

    Second, Noctowl. I love owls and their eyes, and Noctowl is no exception. I find it funny how they took the "horned owl" part literally, which ended up in a pretty interesting design. Colour-wise, it lacks some variety, but I like brown, so it's alright. I liked using it in SoulSilver, since while, again, Noctowl is no Garchomp, he can pack a punch with its improved-over-Pidgeot-but-still-not-so-good moveset and Sp. Atk. Hypnosis + Air Slash + Extrasensory are wonderful. (shame that, since Noctowl is my flyer, I have to waste one slot with Fly) Also, its HP and Sp. Def make it a worthy wall.

    Skarmory! The metallic bird idea is pretty cool, especially since they did not go for the mecha-side of things. I, personally, have barely used Skarmory, but its Def. stat is an "abuse" and it has a good moveset to offer team support.

    Hoenn is my favourite region, and, while Swellow is not my favourite, it's still an amazing bird on its own right. It has graceful ferocity (great!), a good colour scheme (wonderful!), and its speed and attack are OK, even if Swellow still suffers from the Pidgeot syndrome when it comes down to moveset choices. Still, it's the coolest flyer around these parts.

    Staraptor is my favourite. Good design, with plenty of hues and a little bit of red to make it varied. I love the crest, I don't care if it makes Staraptor look Emo. Among the "starter" birds, it is the best I've tried, period. (haven't tried Fearow and Unfezant yet). On par with its fine offensive stats (Atk + Speed), Close Combat is a blessing. That and Brave Bird. I usually throw in Take Down (curse Fly!) as my last attack, though both Return and U-Turn may be worthwhile, but they are harder to obtain.

    As for Gen V... I'll vote for Mandibuzz since I'm partial to its design, though I still haven't tried any of them. ^^;

    My Choices: Pidgeot, Noctowl, Skarmory, Swellow, Staraptor and Mandibuzz.

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    Default Re: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

    I`ve always loved everything about Skarmory. The name(which is sky/armor mixed together), the cry, its design, everything. Such an awesome Pokemon.

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    Default Re: Which Badass Bird of Prey is your favorite?

    I agree Honchkrow should be here. Despite crows not being birds of prey, it's big enough and has the talon and beak shape of a predatory bird.

    I voted for Pidgeot, Skarmory, and Braviary.
    Pidgeot has the nostalgia factor and to this date is still one of the best designed Pokemon. I love Ash's Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot in the anime as well.

    Skarmory has an awesome design and is one of my favorite types- Steel! It looks badass and has the defensive power to support it. In real life, it would be something to fear.

    Braviary is an eagle, one of my alltime favorite animals. I love the Native American look to it, but I wish it and Mandibuzz were not gender exclusive. Female eagles are larger than the males, and I really wanted a female Braviary when they were first revealed.
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