Writer's block, brainstorming about (small) heroics

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Thread: Writer's block, brainstorming about (small) heroics

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    Default Writer's block, brainstorming about (small) heroics

    So I'm writing this fanfiction about Pokémon. A fresh graduate from Seattle accepts to go to Unova for an adventure. His female friend gets in Unova with the same ship, but illegally. The male friend lies to the police that he is the one who planned to get her to Unova and now they are both forced to leave Unova per ship. On the way to Unova they got a new friend in Walter, a middle aged sailor. They also made friends with Cheren who is the Pokémon Professor of Unova now. Cheren asked if there was something they could do to stay, but the police officer laughed it away saying that only heroics could save them. Now Walter is planning to scene something so the two friends could actually pull of some heroics. He excused himself to go to the bathroom to put his plan in motion.

    Now I'm stuck thinking of heroics these two friends could pull off.

    Somethings about Walter: Like I said a middle aged sailor and the leader of his crew when the captain isn't present. His only known Pokémon at hand is a Pelipper which knows at least Hydro Pump. I don't think he will have any other Pokémon, but I'm not disregarding the idea. His character is kind of a grumpy, but intelligent and street wise man.

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    Default Re: Writer's block, brainstorming about (small) heroics

    Well, it kind of depends on the kind of fic that you want to write.

    This sounds like something which could work well as a serious fic, or a comedy fic depending on the way that you write it.

    My thinking is this, if they have to display heroics, they need an opportunity to display heroics, right? Now these opportunities are rare, and often finding yourself in them comes down to nothing more than luck, so the first thing the group are going to have to do is create an opportunity for themselves to display heroics.

    That means they're going to have to use all the resources at their disposal to create a disaster, but it has to be a disaster which they have the resources and capability to solve. It could make an interesting story (or initial arc of story) if the disaster which they create gets out of hand, and they actually end up struggling to solve it.

    Now, what resources do they have? Well, they've somehow managed to befriend a sailor and the regional Pokemon professor. This means they have access to a ship, and a large number of Pokemon. One thing you could do (a similar idea was used in the anime, I think) is have Cheren lend them a whole bunch of Pokemon, smuggle them on board inside the mouth of the sailor's Pelipper, and then have the sailor release all the Pokemon at a crucial moment so it looks like a group of wild Pokemon have attacked the ship. (They could be under orders from Cheren to wildly attack people around the ship.) The sailor could then pass the two friends all of the Poke Balls of the Pokemon, and they can throw the Poke Balls around returning the Pokemon, but making it look like they are catching them and saving everyone. I think saving a ship full of people would look like heroics.

    If you wanted the situation to get out of control, you could make them lose some of the Poke Balls, so some of Cheren's stronger Pokemon are still rampaging around the ship attacking people since that was their last order. The two friends and the sailor could try and use the Pokemon whose Poke Balls they didn't lose to battle those Pokemon into submission. You could have someone else come and intervene too, but I don't know how that would affect how heroic what they are doing would seem.


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