Title for my Super Smash Bros/Pokemon crossover

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Thread: Title for my Super Smash Bros/Pokemon crossover

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    Default Title for my Super Smash Bros/Pokemon crossover

    Me and my friend AlexK2011 are currently working on chapter one of our new fanfic which is a Super Smash Brox/pokemon crossover. It is also a crossover with Avatar the last airbender(Avatar Aang is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros), Sailor Moon anime(the Sailor Scouts are newcomers as well).

    The plot is a fight between the dark legends, old villians, dark smashers, and a new villian the is based of the one on a pokemon fanfic called New Divide. and the light legends, smashers, and friends. It would be a war between Hero and Dark. The dark side tries to take over each of the worlds and it is up to the Hero/light side to stop them.

    Diarkside: Different Nintendo villians and villians from other worlds, dark smashers and dark legendaries, and that new villian Terotrey from New Divide, a pokmon fanfic.

    Lightside: light smashers and legendaries and friends

    Of sorts, it is a war between light and darkness. I need a title for this fanfic before posting the first chapter. Does anyone have an idea for a title based on the plot I have for this fanfic?
    I have posted a Pokemon/Zelda crossover. If you are a fan of both series, please check it out and review. :)

    It will also be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Land before Time


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    Default Re: Title for my Super Smash Bros/Pokemon crossover

    Hey, Dialga! Long time no see. I liked your first series, so I'm sure this one will be great. Maybe, following the pattern of the SSB game's naming, you could name it Super Smash Bros. Battle. That kinda has to do with Pokémon, I guess. Maybe you could have a Pokémon League as some of the bad guys and call it Super Smash Bros. League. There are tons of ideas out there, but if I was doing it, I would stick with a classic Super Smash Bros. title.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Title for my Super Smash Bros/Pokemon crossover

    I would go with SSB Duel--or go find a thesaurus and look up other synonyms for "fight"
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