So, I would love some thoughts on this...
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Thread: So, I would love some thoughts on this...

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    Default So, I would love some thoughts on this...

    Okey, I'll admit that I'm not really a fanfic person in any way, be it based on a game, a book, a tv series/movie, manga or whatever
    However, when it comes to Pokémon for example, I rather enjoy roleplaying (No, don't leave yet!)
    Ages ago, I had an idea for a plot, wrote it down, edited it, created a character and posted it
    Due to time restrictions and some unhappiness regarding the skills of some of the players, I decided to discontinue the roleplay, figuring I could try again at another time, when I would have enough time for and also allowing me to revise the plot and characters

    The Chronicles of Utropica Island
    That's where you can find the plot, etc by the way. Seemed like a good idea to mention that, so you actually know what I'm talking about

    Anyway, recently I've been toying with the idea of turning it into a story. I currently doubt I will find a group of roleplayers who are all about on the same roleplaying level and have similar thoughts on the whole ordeal (If that makes sense) And who are all available

    Back to my point. I was thinking about turning it into just a story, when or how exactly I do not know yet
    At least partly because I don't really see it ever become a complete, finished roleplay (I know most roleplays never finished, but this one died particularly quick, partly because of me as the OP, partly cause the roleplayers had different levels of skill)
    And the fact remains, I just really like the plot itself and would love to make it a story. The only way I see that happening though, currently, is as an actual story

    So, my question. Should I just do that? Or should I attempt it once more as a roleplay? (not necessarily now, but somewhere in the near future)

    EDIT: This might seem like a very trivial question and it's kinda of a 'do what you want'-kind of question. But what I'm trying to figure out is, would it work better as a story (and possibly be interesting for others to read, ignoring writing skills and style for now) or might it be better to keep it as a roleplay. Just kind of wondering how people would feel about this if they were in a similar situation. Cause if I chose either options, I won't do the other anymore
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    Default Re: So, I would love some thoughts on this...

    Or alternatively, has anyone here been in a similar situation?
    I just think both options could be quite great and I really just dunno what to go with

    On the other hand, it might not make a great story at all...

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    Default Re: So, I would love some thoughts on this...

    I think it would be easier if you presented your idea here instead of linking the entire thread to us. ^^

    Anyway, as for whether it's possible, I don't see why not.

    You have the basic gist of the plot so of course it can become a story. It's actually pretty simple if you have the motivation and necessary will to finish it. You work out the characters, the plot, potential plot twists, beginning, culmination and the end and if you need any help, you come back here and we'll help you out. Plus, it's much easier working with your own characters instead of original characters submitted by another person (in this case, a role-player) who has given that character a whole different background and past than you might have anticipated, something that might just not fit into your story.

    In my personal opinion, it's easier writing a story than doing a role-playing game.

    It's easier because, well, you are the man in charge. You don't have to bother with other people, their characters and their ideas. While a RPG can be fun, this way, you can do the story the way you want it to be done.

    Plus, it's quicker.

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    Default Re: So, I would love some thoughts on this...

    Thanks ^^
    I linked, as pretty much all plot details are spread throughout the first post and I didn't want to copy the thing like that ^^;
    After all this is the Writer's Block

    Hmm, there's truth in that, but that's also the fun in roleplaying
    It requires flexibility and the ability to react on unexpected turns
    I have tons of possible twists in mind for the story/plot though
    And of course, as OP/Main Person you're also a bit of the narrator, to make sure everything goes in the right direction

    Of course, if this would become a story, I would create my own characters (I actually already have a couple in mind)
    And the motivation is certainly there (time on the other hand...) But no matter what, I probably will sit on this idea for a bit longer before doing anything with it
    But still XD Anyway, thanks for your thoughts


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