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    Default Side Story help

    Hey guys, I've been working hard on a Fic that i hope will be done within the year, but i'm encountering a few problems, the one i'm talking about here is Side stories, So i'm close to introducing a new character that will become major in the later chapters, but i need to be able to create a coherant backstory to him, i was thinking of creating a side story for this character, but i have some questions:

    1. should it be similar in writing style to the main fic (I.E. third person perspective) or should it be differant (I.E. from the characters perspective or from someone elses)
    2. it will tie into events in the main fic, but, should the side story in in the main fic itself (I.E. every few chapters of the main story, part of the side story is told) or should it be seperate.
    3. How do i tie in something that happens in both stories (Like say, a battle between the two characters.)
    4. and if the two characters team up, should i end the side story there because the two are in the same frame of referance with the main fic.
    also, it seems the fic in question nowhere to be found, it was posted to the main fanfics page, and it's gone, so is it ok to repost the thread?

    i thank you in advance for any answers you provide.
    cya later!
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    Default Re: Side Story help

    The question over whether you want it to be a separate fic or not... Well, the question is, in creating a backstory for this new character, is it important that readers of the main story are aware of this backstory? If so, then I say make the side plot part of the main fic and just set aside part of a chapter every now and again to let it develop.

    As for battles from both points of view... Unless the second POV brings an enormous amount to the battle, I would just skim over the battle the second time so it doesn't get boring... Basically just say the main things that happened in the battle, without going too much into the details.

    If you decide to make the side plot part of the main story then you also don't have the issue of what to do when the two characters team up.

    Also, I believe this is your story: Pokemon mystery dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark (Rewrite) Episode 3 complete! There is no need to repost.

    Also, a piece of advice. I know usually around the forums the rules are that you are not allowed to double post and you must instead edit new things into your last post, but fanfiction is one of the (few) exceptions to this. If you are posting a new chapter, you're allowed to double post. That means the three chapters that you have can (and should) all be in different posts. The advantage of this for you is also that your thread gets bumped to the top of the Writer's Workshop every time you post a new chapter, instead of just being buried in one of the older pages, where no one will see it and you'll continue to get no comments, dooming it to the older pages even more. Hope this is helpful.


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