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Thread: Relationships in Fanfiction/plus a question

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    Default Relationships in Fanfiction/plus a question

    Pokemon/Pokemon couples to be exact.

    How do couples in stories work? I never actually got to add two Pokemon who are in love with each other in the story (except for maybe Hydreigon and her obsession with Haxorus taking her places) because I didn't know how to make it work other then making one chase the other.

    How can I get one to make sense is my bigger question. I'm working with Dialga and Palkia as one, however due to their fight, I don't think that readers would think it'd make sense at all. How can I go in a way that it makes sense?

    Oh and if I were to write say a scene with these two... in bed with each other before going to sleep... how far could I go? I don't mean fornication.. bleg I can't bring myself to do it, but meaning kissing, cuddling etc.

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    Default Re: Relationships in Fanfiction/plus a question

    Well, you're asking how far you could go and yet you've already put a limit on yourself (no fornication), so it seems like you already know how far you could go! If you have a scene of a Pokemon couple, you can have them do whatever you want really, I've seen some pretty sexual stuff on this site before (didn't The Noob have Cynthia/her Garchomp having an S&M relationship?)

    As for how to make it work, couldn't you just have them as a pre-established couple, as in having gotten together before the start of the fic and then have the tension in the story come from outside their relationship?


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