Random brainstorm overloads, what's on your minds?
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Thread: Random brainstorm overloads, what's on your minds?

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    Default Random brainstorm overloads, what's on your minds?

    I'm taking some advice I got a few seconds ago, and figured I'd act on it...

    okay, so I'm sure anyone can have some of those occasional bouts where their imagination goes... a little wild. in my case, any time I'm listening to music, I'll tend to find myself brainstorming all sorts of things that will easily be registered as fanfiction, unfortunately, only a few ideas ever seemed to be fleshed out in my mind well enough to be worth considering on the long term. as a result, I tend to be very spacy, less focused on anything else, and... well...

    ...This in my head...

    so, with that in mind, I figured I'd share some of these random brainstorms that fleshed themselves out the most, and if you feel like sharing yours I'm fine with that myself. i am fairly big on text walls, however, as a lot goes through my head very quickly, and the only thing stopping me from flat out scribbling it (or typing like mad on my alphasmart electronic keyboard, I'm slow in handwriting) is adapting it into something a little more direct, since the ideas come out as summaries... or too detailed in my head to write (as in, I can see it play out in bullet time in my mental movies).

    so, my first set of brainstorms is Pokemon related. at this point in my story, the main OC protagonist (Pictured as my avatar as of this post) is currently training to get better mastery over the central special ability the fanfic is named after. as I'm currently waiting on a friend of mind to bring his side of the overall joined storyline up to speed, I've been thinking about what could happen over the course of said character's training.

    my first thought to come to mind was "cross-fanon" short stories. it essentially takes the idea of the Entralink feature of Generation V Pokemon games and sort of makes it an occasional random occurrence outside of the Unova Region. as a result, my character would essentially make a sort of guest appearance in another story's world, with enemies from his own causing a problem that he has to solve.

    Limitations will be placed on my character as to ensure his strength in one world doesn't cause anything too story-altering in the new Pokemon world (this prevents him from doing something like helping buff up another story's major character to the point where it would normally ruin said story.) my character would meet major characters, interact with them, but state that he has his own business to attend to. when my story's one-shot antagonists start causing trouble, usually jointed with the other side's baddies, the crossover conflict would occur. when it's done, my character returns to his own world, and the other story continues as normal from whatever point they paused at

    given I surfed through loads of wikis and quite a few recommended fanfictions' pages on TV Tropes, loads of these ideas bunch up in my head, the concept is based on being the occasional joint project written from two different perspectives. when discussing encounters, I tend to adapt them from roleplays. that way it's easier to maintain a single perspective. of course, knowing the material my character appears in is required, so should I come across a fanfiction I become a regular in (have yet to do that, actually...), one of my brainstorming fits will likely involve a crossover meeting from out of the blue...

    phew, that's one of my many brainstorms, but this one is the only one Pokemon related. so what do you think of my ideas, and more notably, what kind of brainstorms do you guys have?

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    Default Re: Random brainstorm overloads, what's on your minds?

    I have tons of these moments, but here are a few plot Bunearies in my mind:

    --A reboot of my musical adventure "Kochou and the Beautiflies" (with a slightly altered lineup, plot, and a detailed explanation as to where Niji, the shining Beautifly that served as the familiar in that story, came from and how Ash can transform into his idol alter ego Kochou)
    --Pokemon meets kung fu/wuxia dramas
    --numerous ideas to gently parody/spoof an RPG in the Pokeworld
    --Pokemon meets magical girl/magical boy anime
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