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Thread: Putting yourself in the story.....

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    Default Re: Putting yourself in the story.....

    On the occasion that I include myself in a story, I present myself as an Interactive Narrator. Invariably, my characters will blame me for everything bad that happens in these cases, while gleefully ignoring the possibility that I could be a force for good as well. And they also like to point out every single flaw in my technique. When your characters are unwilling to suspend their disbelief, you know something's wrong.

    Naturally, I only do this in comedic situations. If I'm trying to write something dramatic or otherwise serious, the fourth wall remains firmly intact.

    There was one unreleased story where I tried to insert a version of myself. It originally presented "me" as a powerful member of the lead cast who was later revealed to be an Elite, and a slight revision made "me" the chief of the regional police force as well. Later on, I realized how ridiculous this was, stripped away the police force detail, and tried to rewrite "myself" as a constantly-complaining Scrappy that the readers would want gone—and I then planned on granting their wish by having one of the main villains shoot "me" dead. Afterward, the idea was that the rest of the lead cast would largely forget "I" was even there and just continue on their merry way.

    Needless to say, this story went unreleased and unfinished for a reason.

    On the topic of putting traits of myself into unrelated characters, that's something I find very difficult to avoid:

    • Colin has my short temper and desperate need for companionship (particularly of the female variety).
    • Joanie is the embodiment of my desire for a supportive female figure in my life.
    • Collie (in her revised form) is my desire/tendency to do random things at random times.
    • Annie is what I find physically attractive in a woman, is much smarter than I could ever hope to be and has a talkative Robot Buddy (not quite the parrot I'd kind of like to have, but close).
    • Bella is the little sister I've always wanted.
    • Jim (though not officially my character) is constantly cheerful and a great tactician, two things I desperately wish I could be.
    • Jim's Alakazam is my stubbornness combined with my cynical side and given some measure of authority.
    • Wyatt is the personification of my overprotectiveness of people I care about.
    • Icira is my evil, somewhat sadistic side combined with playful snarkiness and Genre Savvy. Also embodies my desire to have enough money to effectively do whatever I want—except I'd stay within the law, of course!

    So far, the only exception has been Joanie's Bellsprout, Audrey II, who is just a bad ripoff of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

    In short, no matter what I do, my writing seems to be full of me.

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    Default Re: Putting yourself in the story.....

    The main character in fic is heavily based on my self, but I think I'v done well enough to avoid him from becoming a Mary-Sue. I'd like to think I know my own flaws and more importantly my limitations. My advice to anyone that wants to write them self in a fic is to make sure that you know what your personal limitations are and you should do fine
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    Default Re: Putting yourself in the story.....

    I saw the title of this thread and well I do have myself in this story but i'm thinking about changing that from me to a character that resembles me. But with some of my characteristics.

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    Default Re: Putting yourself in the story.....

    While I don't flat out insert myself into a fic, I have noticed that in most of my fics there is a char named 'Chaos' in one way shape or form. I also notice that many of my chars have some part of my personality, but I'm sure we all do that :P

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    Default Re: Putting yourself in the story.....

    I think it at least partly depends on the medium as well
    Say, you're writing a Nuzlocke Challenge (ignore the fact these things are normally comics, it's about stories and characters and that's in there too)
    You have a plot already. And you're the one playing the game. So in a certain way it's not odd to insert yourself as the main character
    What I do think however, is that you should present yourself with all your flaws if you chose to insert yourself in a story (okey, so you can scrap the whole Nuzlocke idea actually and I'll just continue rambling)

    For example, I know I'm pretty blunt. And not in an adorable way. I rarely if ever say anything to offend another person, but I still do so
    If I wrote a story with me a one of the characters, I wouldn't skip over this trait, nor alter it in such a way that it just is endearing (like Luna Lovegood's bluntness for example)

    I think just the main problem is 'glorifying' yourself, which seems rather easy, because as a person you (most likely) want to be seen as 'good' and if you insert yourself in fiction, you'll try to make yourself look better (quite possibly subconsciously)

    Okey, I hope this made sense, cause to me it did, but to others it might now

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