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Thread: Possible Fic Idea? Suggestions Welcome

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    Default Possible Fic Idea? Suggestions Welcome

    The World We Once Knew (name?)

    No one really knew how, when, or even why it happened...but it did. Many years ago at the peak of society, when there was peace and advancement for all the human race, something happened. No one knows exactly what so all I can tell you is what the world is like now. We live in the ruins of our ancestor's cities, we are no longer the dominant species on this planet. Pokémon have become much more primal, they are independent, they fight for there survival...and they are winning. Billions of humans have died out it has been many generations since the world was once as it was. Due to this, Pokémon have been able to out compete and out gun humans. We humans now live tribally we hide, we live, we survive. Pokémon are now the beasts of legend, anyone who can manage to defeat one in combat is deemed to be an ultimate warrior. Taming the beasts has proven to be ineffective, having only few people ever to do it in this time period. Our only hope is survival, there is no fighting back...we have little means to. Some Pokémon kill and raid, while others take sacrifices as appeasement. They now run the world...we are at their mercy.

    What do you think?
    And what should the rating be on this? I plan to have:
    1) Some gore
    2) A lot of death
    3) A very dark setting in general
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    Default Re: Possible Fic Idea? Suggestions Welcome

    Grimdark rarely makes a strong basis for any story of story. More often than not, it comes off as a lame attempt to be mature, while at the same time, being quite the opposite. A dark setting should be something that happens without that being a goal. Including gore and death for no reason but to darken the atmosphere will get you nothing but criticism.

    That's not to say death and violence should never happen. If they further the story line or cause a character to develop, our they're somehow necessary to the plot, then add it. But always make sure it's necessary.

    But that's, like, my opinion, man.

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