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    So far what i have so far the Sebastian's master Ciel is killed by a Grim Reaper by the name of Grell Sutcliff with one of the very few things that can kill a demon. (Death Scythe) Grell killed Ciel because he thought that Ciel ruined his chances to be with what he feels is his true love sebastian but is then dragged off by the leader of the Reapers William Spear who strips Grell of his tittle of Reaper and then is forced to wander the under world for all eternity. After a Year he is summoned by a Girl by the Name of Alice Potter. Alice's comes from a wealthy family but her father left her family when she was young and her mother soon after comited suicide she was then left around with her sassy wise cracking rather large and very dangerous when angered named Madeline and then a meek handyman who likes to invent things however most of his inventions tend to either burst into flames or make a small explosion. and their will be a gardener who is still in devolpment but will probably have a black thumb. which brings me to my next point i need help with the following.

    1.Why Alice summoned Sebastian and what she wants in return for her soul.

    Anser: So she can seek out her father who she blames for her mother's death. And get her to love her only to get heartbroken by the stealing of her soul.

    2. What the Gardener should be like.

    Anser: The gardener will be very meek and timid and a pathetic klutz but is very good marks man.

    3.The Reason why her family was wealthy.

    Anser: Alices's family owns a large textile industry.
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