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    I had this random dream about a Pokemon camp! O_0 It was across the sea and you needed a water/flying Pokemon to get accross. Maybe someone could make this a fic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffin Eyes
    I had this random dream about a Pokemon camp! O_0 It was across the sea and you needed a water/flying Pokemon to get accross. Maybe someone could make this a fic?
    Why not do it yourself? You were the one who had the dream.

    Okay, my turn to talk about a new idea.

    I've been thinking about this lately, but so far I don't have much.

    The basic plot is about these kids ending up traveling back and forth to the real world to some imaginary world (where pratically almost anything can happen). They end up being involved in some game that was supposed to be gotten rid of a long time ago.

    As for the characters, I do have the main protagonists setup a bit. I'll go more into depth about them later.

    Lyoko - Flying-type Trainer. Daughter of Winona.
    Heather - Snobby, rich, and popular Grass-type Coordinator.
    Myco - Shy girl. Trains Electric-types. Good with music.
    Ariel - Likes to make wisecracks. Dragon team (half of them are actual Dragon-type. I went with the breeding group on this one, so the types are somewhat mixed).
    Megan - Brainy, takes things too seriously. She and Ariel (her sister) don't get along too well. Ice-type Trainer.
    Blossom - Sweetheart. Lyoko's best friend. Bug-type Trainer.
    Purika - Tomboyish Fire-type Trainer.
    Bansy - One of the cheerleaders. Pretty loud and VERY hyper. Obviously tends to get on other's nerves. Ghost-type trainer.

    Some things may change.

    Other than that, if you like randomness, a bit of comedy, and a handful of anime references, then I'm hoping you like this fic.

    Anyway, comments are welcome.

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    I'm digging up a project I started a couple of years ago at this point I called "The Quantum Wars".

    Basically, Poke Balls are powered by Quantinium99, a mysterious element that has the power to bend time and space. And Pokemon for some reason are able to survive and even thrive in space folds (which is why they can be contained in Poke Balls). However, this element is so different from the all the others, some theorize it was created by and then seeded onto the earth by an advanced alien civilization.

    None of this matters to the new Celadon Gym Leader Erika. She has battling and taking care of the gym's garden to take up her time. However, when she starts seeing ghostly figures and hearing sounds that aren't there, she soon finds herself getting up close and personal to the true power of Quantinium. She finds herself in a strange world where Celadon is in ruins and the planet is dominated by two Hyper Powers at war for the rare element. Can she return home or will she be trapped in this war torn world.
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    Some stuff on my fic in planning for those who are interested.

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    I had an idea where this guy is sent falsley to a prison, but right before he's taken away, an old man gives him a rainbow-coloured pokeball and warns him to only open it in his time of need. The man is sent to prison, and the inmates there beat him up. His Pokemon are always creamed by their Pokemon, but they never use their pokemon on him. He resists the urge to open the Pokeball, even when he's seriously injured. Finally, three of the inmates attempt to kill him viciously with a Tyranitar, a Salamance, and a Metagross. His Pokemon try to defend, but this time they die. Just as he's about to get killed himself, he opens the rainbow Pokeball. Ho-oh's inside, and it rescues the guy, brings his Pokemon back to life with Sacred Fire, and burns the whole prison with everyone inside and the guy is saved. Ho-oh then tells him that he is one of the few who will get to go to the "great beyond", and he suddenly finds himself like an old man. In fact, he looks just like the guy who gave him the pokeball, and he starts the cycle over again.

    I was thinking of making this into a one-shot, what do you all think of the plot?
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    For once, a fanfic series I'm actually STICKING with. FCoDM's been shelved, unfortunately.

    English Title: Team Muyo: Sextet of Miracles
    Japanese Title: チーム無用 (6つの奇跡)
    Romaji Title: Chiimu Muyou: Roku Tsu No Kiseki
    Translation: Useless Team: Six Miracles
    Rating: 13+ for some cartoony violence, lots of comic mischief, and possible stuff that may get on a "I wouldn't let my kid see any teen-rated stuff if my life depended on it!" parent's bad side
    Genres: Supernatural, Action/Adventure, Comedy

    Plot Summary: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Draco-Centaur, and Raichu the Mouse have been faced with an awesome goal: destroy the evil force known as Chirubi. With the help of Calumon, they must seek the twelve Light Prisms to unite their new and startling powers with Calumon's Angel Stone and gain the strength needed to confront Chirubi.

    No. of Episodes: 72
    If I've messed up on the Japanese, please let me know. I had to resort to Babelfish, so any help with the Japanese would be welcome.
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    I had a weird dream last night that's inspired me to write a fanfiction. In the dream, Team Rocket disbanded for some reason, but everyone was out to get the Rockets. I ended up hiding in Professor Nanba's house. XD The dream was really stupid, but I think the fanfic will be really good.

    An Anti-Rocket phenomenon has swept over the Kanto and Johto regions. The police and even the civilians of the pokemon world are out to get anyone associated with Team Rocket. Giovanni is nowhere to be found, and the Rockets themselves are on the run in fear of being incarcerated, or worse. Many former agents flee to the Hoenn region and attempt to start over, but a group of those who refuse to run like animals stay behind.

    " We could revive Team Rocket..."

    I've been working on it for most of this morning, and I'll see what I can do with this idea. It has good potential. *shrug* I'm planning on using Butch and Cassidy, Bashou and Buson, Mondo, and perhaps an original character or two, with a few other Rockets we've seen from the show appearing here and there. Any ideas you guys have would be carefully considered and greatly appreciated. ^_^

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    I've got a bizarre idea for an anime-based fic. It would be set 11 years after the present story in the anime. Yes, it would center upon Ash.
    But this would not be any ordinary fic. It would not play with my favorite ships, or go OOC. It would show an Ash matured by events nobody should ever have to endure. It begins with Ash going through the day-to-day grind of his dead-end job at a hardware store. He used to be someone. A well-known, skilled battler. But without companions to rely on, he began to wander aimlessly, until he lost sight of what he had desired his entire life. He quit being a trainer, and got a job and an apartment. He dated several times, but it never seemed to work out. Now 26, he lives in the past, wondering abolut what might have been, his life in shambles. But then he gets a rude awakening. Prof. Oak, his mentor, the man who gave him his first Pokemon, has been brutally murdered. And Ash is a suspect. He goes to clear his name, and discovers that this was no random act of violence. It was aimed at getting his attention. And they have succeeded. Angry, he vows to find the murderer, who was audacious enough to leave a note taunting Ash. Figuring that the murderer is someone that knew him, he embarks on a journey through his memories. He retraces all the places he went in his travels, not only to search for the murderer, but also to do some soul-searching, and perhaps rekindle the ambition he lost.
    Sound interesting? It would be difficult feat to accomplish, but it could be done. Though I'm not sure I could be the one to do it. I'd love it if someone else took the idea, and ran with. Anyone has my permission.

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    I'm thinking about a sort of Tarzan-esque idea. A Kanghaskan's baby is stolen by poachers, so she catches up and kills them. Too late, she finds her baby is also dead. In the grass nearby, she finds the baby of the humans. I'm thinking about doing this in a two-voice poem format, with each describing the pain they have at losing their family, but also as they sort of form a new relationship together, forming a mother-child bond.

    what does everyone think?
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    I like your idea, Evil. =D You should go with it.
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    I thought for a while of writing Smash Brothers stories in a different style than most. Rather than messing around with universe-skewing magics and so forth, I figured I would write it more in the style of a comic book "super-team" adventure. The stories would of course have to feature some sorts of desperate threats, but the conceit would be that all of the various characters lived in the same universe and always had.

    The first story would feature two of the great icons of the Pokemon series, namely Giovanni and Mewtwo. In a fairly standard opening, Giovanni creates a veritable army of Mewtwo clones with far lesser intelligence than the original - creatures who, like the Mewtwo described in the Red/Blue Pokedex, can think of little more than pure destruction. This serves as the "secret origin" of the team, as it were, and in later stories other threats could appear. A long-term mystery would also be introduced at the very end as Captain Falcon (not likely referred to by name, of course) enters and takes in Gio on a "dead-or-alive" bounty. Who put it out?

    Not every character would be introduced at the beginning, but I was playing around with which characters would start out. I definitely would want to use Jigglypuff in comic relief a couple of times - she'd do mostly what she does in the anime. I haven't figured out quite what to do with Samus, given that she hails from a rather distant future, and while I can play with time-travel for Link, I can't think of much to do with either her or any supporting cast from the series. I also wonder what the hell to do with the Mario cast, as what can you really do with them? I do want to use the Koopa Kids, since nobody else ever does.

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    Story idea, up for grabs!

    After learning about the Burakumin in Japan, I thought of an idea concerning discrimination. Okay, so Lance belongs to a dragonrider's clan/society, but it isn't just a clan but also a race. So there are certain members of this clan/race that are undesirable and thought of lowly. Technically they're part of the dragonrider's society, but they aren't allowed to own any dragon pokemon. So I was thinking, maybe there's this girl belongs to this low class, but somehow she got her hands on a dragon pokemon anyway and proved herself to the rest of the world that she kicks ass...but of course she's still not welcome at home. So Lance, who is against of the discrimination, befriends her but people don't like this obviously because Lance is like an equivalent to a prince in the dragonrider's society (his grandfather being the leader of the clan) and people think he shouldn't associate with her kind.

    Okay, so it's pretty cliche, but I'm sure a good writer could pull it off.

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    Well, I've been thinking of getting back into the fan fic business after HMW's sudden death (if you haven't read it, don't worry, 'cause it's not much. Well, compared to what I'm about to mention). While I'm mainly sticking with one, I have thought of some others.

    • Idea 1: Team Muyo: Sextet of Miracles
      My current project that I've mentioned a few posts back. I've already got a decent amount of the story planned out (although I'm making changes here and there) and I'm already working on a pilot episode before I work on the actual first episode. Yeah, I know it's a dumb move, but one of my recent favorite animes (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) pretty much gave me the idea for it.

      The plot goes like this: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Draco-Centaur, and Raichu the Mouse have been faced with an awesome goal: destroy the evil force known as Chirubi. With the help of Calumon, they must seek the twelve Light Prisms to unite their new and startling powers with Calumon's Angel Stone and gain the strength needed to confront Chirubi.

      Yes, it'll be quite a crossover, and I'll doubt you'll be familar with some of the fandoms I'll be using (so I'll be nice and give you a chance to catch up on a couple), so I wouldn't be surprised if you're not exactly looking forward to it. However, I'm more or less the most motivated on this (even though I need to get back to work on writing the pilot ep), so don't blame me for at least expecting a cult following on this. :p

      Finally, expect a LOT of weird and wacky stuff to happen in TM.

      If you want more info on TM, go here.
    • Idea 2: Kakkowarui Society I, II, III
      This is an idea I've been having kinda around the same time I began working on Team Muyo. It's kinda like TM, except this will be a lot shorter and it won't be as big as a crossover as TM. In fact, so far, there are characters from four fandoms compared to Team Muyo's... well, I never really counted how many fandoms TM would end up using, but it's a much higher number. Anyway, the series revolves around a rabbit named Swift (who is five in I and fifteen in II and III). For the plot, part I has him on vacation with his family which was ruined due to several natural disasters caused by evil monsters from another world; part II has him with a couple of other characters as fugitives due to some confusion about him and the monsters from part I; and part III takes place right after with some weird things happening around the same time Raffine and Biyomon show their faces in the series. If I get in the mood, there MAY be a fourth installment, but I'll be sticking with three.

    So, yeah. I really can't expect a lot of readers with these ideas, but I want to stick with these. However, I don't mind comments or suggestions if you have 'em.

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    I know this thread is old, but I haven't seen any rule that says we can't post in a dead sticky thread. I've just really been having trouble with starting one of my most absurd ideas ever. It concerns the legends of Sinnoh, mainly Giratina and what it did to be labeled the Renegade Pokémon.

    Basically, one day Giratina became curious about humans, having never been allowed to leave Turnback Cave, as its job was to make sure the void to the World on the Reverse Side of Ours was never tampered with. Eventually Palkia came by, and Giratina asked Palkia to transform it into a human. Palkia is the manipulator of space, after all, and I see that to mean every sense of the phrase. After the spatial warping was finished Giratina rejected his duty and lived among the humans for a couple years. Unfortunately that is considered treason to Arceus, but after two years Giratina said it would rather die than give up its humanity, hence why Giratina is called the Renegade Pokémon.

    Giratina's act is considered treason because the abilities, such as time-warping or memory-wiping/giving, of Arceus's prime creations (Dialga, Palkia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf) are not meant to be known by man because, in realizing that the accepted happenings of life (emotions, memory, aging, etc.) were via the doing of living creatures, human nature would take some disturbing turns.

    It is likely that there will be a trial of sorts. I already know the ending, but not how to get there. So if you guys could give me any suggestions or ask me questions for clarification that would be great. It could be just because of the 90 degree heat that's making my creativity funky.

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    I'm writing a poke/advanceshipping story adventure, I've never ever read books but recently fallen inlove with reading fanfics, drawing inspiration from PaulXion's Pokemon:The Final Journey ( and Hakjin's Love Is Cofusing (A serious must read for ANY Pokeshipper) ( It follows Ash, Misty, Brock, May and Max on a journey through Kanto, Ash and Misty get into 'some bother *wink wink' and won't admit their feelings blah blah... I'm not done yet, got no idea where I'm going with it, but I've written 32 pages so far so I'm not giving up now!

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