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    I need to get this out somehow, but first I want to see who would be interested in a fun and sweet episodic journey with a little Phanpy. Anyone up for it?

    It's going to be adorable, and action-packed, and full of adventure! I just don't know where to start. Some suggestions on that would be nice too.

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    I like Phanphy so I would like your story.
    Pika to the mofoing Chu!

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    I don't want this kind of thing to be the same-old though, with his trainer and whatnot, and the gyms and the regions... I want some spice to it and to really get away from the usual. I don't want to avoid it all, just... not lean on what's already been done with other Pokemon. I need a spark. I have some ideas, but I need a good match to light this here and get the fire burning strong.

    Calling other writers here, how do you achieve that spark for a story that just needs to get out?

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    This, if I might say, is my specialty. Every idea I have has to be different from the normal and has to have a spark not usually found in pokemon fanfiction. Ex. A Little Bit of Good would be the best representation of this.

    You'll find your muse if you just brainstorm. Fuse two ideas into one. Think about places you've been to, things you've done. Some of my longest writing streaks came from thinking about what hasn't been done much in fanfiction before.

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    Brilliant, I've got some ideas already after just a little bit of thought on what you've said... Before I start, though, I feel I'll be all the richer at the beginning to hear a few more suggestions if the potential sources would be so kind as to step up and offer some.


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