Pacing a story, what would work in a StarFox setting?
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Thread: Pacing a story, what would work in a StarFox setting?

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    Default Pacing a story, what would work in a StarFox setting?

    at one point on another thread, I mentioned that I had another story essentially almost complete, except that I was having difficulty with one particular aspect that keeps me from flat out writing it.

    well, the frustration is getting to me, and I figured, the hell with it... and I'll ask around...

    in my starfox fanfiction, it takes place in two particular settings, one is a post apocalyptic future Lylat system, modeled after one of Command's endings (Marcus McCloud), where the main enemies, dubbed Anodo Aparoids (Working name, a more powerful variety than the Aparoids from Starfox: Assault) have not only suddenly conquered the Lylat system, but have evolved further that from a simple hive mind. the Second setting takes place soon after a sort of combination of two of Command's endings (Star Falco and again, Marcus McCloud) and as it turns out turns out to be a past time.

    the OC main character is one who survived the first of many guerilla attacks by these new aparoids. he's recruited for a VERY small remnant of the new Starfox crew and brought in not only for the technology his body was partially restructured with, but as it turns out, for an acquired ability to interface with the aparoids' tech. it only gets worse for him when, in a rebellious suicide mission, downloads and steals the enemy's most powerful weapon and disappears while making his escape, much to the distress of his best friend, Marcus...

    he wakes up to find himself drifting in the Meteo Base the resistence had resided in, finding it as derelict as when he first arrived to it. he explores the Lylat system and finds himself stupefied when he discovers Sauria, which was the location of a scarring event in his life. quickly putting the pieces together of where he is, and discovering the new aparoids recently begun their guerilla attack, starting with the same space station he was in. he decides to change everything by using the stolen weapon installed in his cybernetic body parts and attempt to prevent everything that happened to him from happening again. there were only two problems; 1) there were some details he finds himself unaware of, such as Falco heading up his own team; and 2) while he's only partially merged with aparoid tech that resulted in his survival, he now has to race against not only the impending invasion sweep, but also something that intends to complete the the aparoids' interrupted process the rest of the way.

    that's the initial story in a nutshell, without spoiling too many of the critical plot points, and like I said, I've got the whole thing nearly figured out... there's just one thing I'm having difficulty with.

    this story will start off by going through many different perspectives until it kicks in, and while it has action sequences involving the OC main character at that point, the story focuses on how everyone in the past gets involved in the conflict before it takes off. now I said I had problems with pacing the story, and this is it... basing this on personal opinions, what would be a recommended means of building this up and finding a decent balance of the action and story scenarios?
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    Default Re: Pacing a story, what would work in a StarFox setting? chance here, darn...
    suppose I should have figured, given this setting's not typically Pokemon...


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