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    Okay, I'll explain the inspiration for this first:
    I was just starting a competitive team. It's my first one and I was experimenting with the different types and Pokemon. I had to pay attention to natures and abilities and good items for them to hold, if any at all.

    I realized that the Pokemon I had chosen, though capable of having ideal natures and abilities didn't have the ones I was looking for, so I would have to breed new ones and hope for all the right things. As fortune would have it, after a couple dozen eggs for each Pokemon I wished to breed, I finally had all the Pokemon with the desired abilities and natures. I was satisfied, but then I was inspired.

    I started reading the different personalities for each Pokemon, you know the stuff that says, "likes to fight," "likes to run," "dislikes fighting," etc. I started finally putting together the idea that Pokemon, with a little human imagination, can be deeply involved personalities. It got me thinking about the Pokemon interacting in the Day-Care, and how they would interact with each other and other people's Pokemon, and I got excited.

    So, I'm planning a one-shot based on that with little future champions of the Unova region. Six Pokemon belonging to a current champion who has conquered the Elite Four countless times, and is looking to do it again, with these little guys. It'll be a short story about the previous champions, their relations to them, and the future in store for the little ones.

    Featured characters:

    Interested? At all interesting?

    Cool poster maybe?
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    Default Re: Lil' Champs... ?

    Sounds like a great idea!

    It'd be interesting, though, if you started the story with them fully evolved and having just defeated the Elite Four and then jump backwards to the Daycare Centre and the main story.

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    Ooh, it's a good idea. I can certainly visualize that.
    Definitely something I'll put into a draft for consideration!

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    Alright, quick question...

    I didn't want to nickname the Pokemon. That's presenting a problem now with their names. As the Pokemon would grow, and these Pokemon are addressing themselves and each other, would they call themselves by the species they are? Will that work?

    The main concern is whether people will get confused or not. If I begin the story with a Shuppet, then in a flash forward have a Banette, would that be a problem at all for readers? Would they understand or is it too disconnected? And what about Pokemon with more than one evolution? Is it more difficult to stay on board with what happened?

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    Never mind it, I've finished writing... Heh... so yeah.

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    Alright, the one-shot went over pretty well, but now, as per one request, I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in multiple episodes involving these lil' champs. So, in that, I've narrowed it down to three options that I would be willing to do if I'm doing new episodes.

    1: 1st person POV episodes- basically, six more episodes, each one a different story from one of the Pokemon's POV,1st person of course.
    Pros: It won't drag the series on past its welcome, and it will give interesting perspectives on each character and the way they see themsevles and others
    Cons: There's a chance it'll be a total wreck. All of my 1st-person material ends up being a tad too reflective to make decent narrative, so I don't know...

    2: Moral of the story- doing an undetermined number of episodes, I could have a couple of adventures where the lil' champs run into different problems life offers, and Stoutland or Mamma Slugma always has a story to share that helps them tackle their problem.
    Pros: I see a lot of potential for cute and fun times with fun characters and different scenarios.
    Cons: It's most certainly been done before... a lot.

    3: Random aventures- I'll pick any scenario I can think of in the day-care, put them in there and let the stories run rampant.
    Pros: It's easy
    Cons: People may get sick of all the lil' champs, and it may ruin their original charm...

    What would you guys like to see?

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    Default Re: Lil' Champs... ?

    I'd love to see some of the journey to the Pokemon League. I'd like to see 8 or more episodes, one for each GL. 4 should be in Sandile/Krookodile's perspective, and 4 in Deino/Hydreigon's.

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    Oh, that's a good idea too! I'll add that to the list (the mental one... in my head). :)


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