So I got Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs for Christmas, and I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far. The "Hero of Obliva" story and the musical motifs of Obliva got me to thinking about trying a similar story in one of the main regions.

Instead of drawing the titular signs with a Capture Styler, Ash and co. do the same thing with enchanted rings, then play a special song to call the Legendary in question--I've even devised a little rhyme as to which Pokemon responds to what instrument:

In the land of Kanto's darkest hour,
Six heroes will rise, wearing rings of power.
Lugia's diamond shines when a whistle's on the wind (Ash)
The ringing bells of amethyst, the twin dragons will send (Lyra/Summer?)
The sapphire fiddle brings Suicune's aura of wonder (Misty)
While topaz drums summon the Legend of Thunder (not sure yet)
Emerald strings call the Voice of the Forest to sing (Brock)
And a ruby harp makes Entei's roar ring (not sure yet)
When all six songs play, the rainbow phoenix will appear
And drive back the darkness, to bring light so clear.

So? Would you read such a story?