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    As the title implies, here we can discuss how characters can make mistakes that are stupid and sometimes fatal but also make sense from a story perspective. Like it doesn't come out of nowhere and fits the character's motives.

    Something like that.

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    Well some errors occur during the heat of the moment.

    Example:A usually rational Pokemon trainer may be in tough battle situation. In stressful situations you sometimes forget things that you usually wouldn't. Therefore the usually rational trainer might use a move or strategy that is ineffective against their opponent causing them to lose the battle.

    Others occur to a character getting too comfortable with a situation

    Example: A villain who ha gotten away with every major scheme will most likely get arrogant, thinking they are unstoppable. This might cause the to be more flashy or otherwise skip over a minor detail that the heroes will use to their advantage.

    Another example: A hot-blooded trainer is on a winning streak, gets cocky and underestimates his next opponent. Said opponent is stronger than first imagined so the hot-blooded trainer loses.

    Some errors are caused by preconceived notions

    Example: A sexist detective working on a murder case looks over a female suspect simply because he does not believe a woman could be capable of committing homicide. This fact allows the female to kill more victims. The detective has now indirectly caused deaths of innocents because he couldn't get over his sexist ideas.

    Those are just some that I thought of right off the top of my head.

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