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    Unhappy Help needed...

    If this thread is in the wrong section please move it or close it. I need some reviews on my current fanfic but is there anyone here that is not only a fan of pokemon but aslo sailor moon? The reason I am asking this is because my story is a crossover between both series, Me and AlexK2011 are working together on this fanfic and it has been two or three days since I posted the first chapter and there has been no replies... I also need to firgure out a title for the story though I posted it. If their is anyone who is willing to reply pleas vm or pm me or post here.
    I have posted a Pokemon/Zelda crossover. If you are a fan of both series, please check it out and review. :)

    It will also be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Land before Time

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    Dude, keep posting chapters. A lot of the great stories out there didn't get any readers until many chapters in. If you keep writing, they will come. And if your story is good, they will stay.


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