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    To start with, even though I have no intention of playing anything after Generation IV, I did find the concept of the Battle Subway in Pokemon Black and White to be rather interesting, and would like to incorporate it into the end of my Pokemon ficseries.

    Namely, as a supplement to the Platinum/HGSS version of the Battle Frontier. Now, here's the thing: While it, being a subway, should have places to stop at before returning to the Frontier, I would rather it not go to the other (Emerald) Frontier. The problem, though, is that it would be inconvenient for everyone in-universe if they had to take a train each time they wanted to tackle a different facility (instead of simply crossing the plaza), and if it had other stops to make besides the other Frontier, people would have to wait to get back to either of them if they were to either lose a battle or take a break. Furthermore, while battles might only be allowed to go on for as long as the trains are in motion, to have only two stops to make would allow something like one or three minutes for each battle to ensue.

    What we've got here is a bit of a paradox, where I would like not to include the Gen III Battle Frontier, and yet, it seems the most practical way to implement it. Though, I suppose a circle or line of stops that are at least relevant to the Frontier might work. Not sure what they'd be for, though.

    Anyone got ideas on how to implement both the Battle Subway and the Gen IV Battle Frontier simultaneously, at the very least, without involving the Gen III Frontier?

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    Default Re: Gen IV Battle Frontier + Battle Subway

    Why don't you just make it so that the subway goes between different Facilities for convenience (particularly for convenience between the furthest away ones) but still have them a walkable distance away from each other for people who aren't quite so lazy.

    Would that work?

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    Sorry this is a whole month late, but I wasn't expecting a reply by the time you did reply.

    Unfortunately, doesn't seem like it would work. Either the train would have to keep going round and round until a battle ends (in which case, those waiting on one platform would have to be lucky enough for it to stop at their's), or each facility would be too far away to just walk to.

    I do understand that in the anime, the subway also exists for regular commuting throughout Unova. In the actual games, though, it just seems unrealistic the way it's set up, to have three (or six) lines which don't really go anywhere, even though you're riding them while battling. (Never played them, so I might be mistaken about something.)


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