A Game of Eternals? Too S(t)ue-ish, or Not?
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Thread: A Game of Eternals? Too S(t)ue-ish, or Not?

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    Default A Game of Eternals? Too S(t)ue-ish, or Not?

    Imagine characters who are Eternals. They can't be permanently killed if they're not on their original plane of existence. These Eternals are both indebted to greater forces within the Mountains of Planes. These Eternals learn of a way to break their contracts with the greater forces. Thus the Eternals separately embark on a quest within one of the myriad planes to find the McGuffin which will allow them to overthrow the greater forces they originally bargained with.

    These Eternals arrive on the same world within the same plane to seek the McGuffin. In order to maintain Planar Equilibrium, the Eternals are left as mere humans when they arrive upon the world. They must learn the world's martial arts and magical arts on their own. They separately find out about the McGuffin being a composite of three separate Mini McGuffins. Thus they begin gathering every bit of information they can about the Mini McGuffins. Their information gathering draws them into the conflicts within the world: a group of magicians with the power of Prophecy are attempting to eliminate all sources of variability and instability from the nations of the world by establishing a unified government. The Eternals, still having not met one another, hear about this conquest of peace.

    The Eternals begin scheming and plotting to stop the conquest of peace. They fear the stagnation that would befall the world if such a government were established. The Eternals' role in disrupting the Prophecy magicians brings them into contact with one another. They begin working to gather the Mini McGuffins while stalling the establishment of the unified government.

    Eternal One is ruled be a desire to overcompensate for cowardice she demonstrated and the inadvertent genocide that resulted from her cowardice. Eternal One struck her bargain with the greater force by travelling to the Elemental Sea, which led to the ladmass where the Mountains of Planes stood. Within a massive castle built into the Mountains, Eternal One bargained with the greater force for the ability to make an example of the beast-folk who had subjugated her people. Thus, from the bargain, she became an Eternal.

    Eternal Two is ruled by an appreciation for the mortals of the world. Eternal Two sees a people who have learned to live in the moment and experience greater pleasure than Eternal Two ever could, even in the Mountains of Planes. Eternal Two is driven by a disdain for the weak and undeserving who use their names and affluence to lord over the strong.

    I should point out that Eternal One also willingly killed a pair of newborns as per an incantation necessary to summon an elemental. Eternal Two once took a family on a different world in a different plane. The greater force Eternal Two had bargained with found Eternal Two and forced Eternal Two to continue on in his contract with the greater force; the leverage was Eternal Two's daughter. Eternal Two's daughter was given into the lecherous hands of a slaver trader who deals in fleshly pleasures and runs a brothel in the world where Eternal Two is seeking the Mini McGuffins.

    Eternal Two will become paranoid, wondering when the greater force will appear to thwart Eternal One and Eternal Two's attempt to obtain the McGuffin to turn against the greater forces they bargained with.


    Well, how does this premise sound?

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    Default Re: A Game of Eternals? Too S(t)ue-ish, or Not?

    I think it sounds great. It's obvious you've put a lot of effort into the idea, and no, I don't think it sounds very Sue-ish.

    Very interesting.


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