The two Pokémon stood off, glaring at each other with a hate that was so passionately felt that it was almost physical. The Pikachu's cheeks crackled and fizzed with volts of electricity, and the electric mouse Pokémon’s yellow fur stood on end. The Charizard breathed smoke through his nostrils, his fiery tipped tail lashed back and forth with anticipation for the battle to come. The orange dragon Pokémon made the first move, flaring his mighty wings; he took to the sky and shot a constant jet of flame at Pikachu. The tiny mouse leaped away, then its body became nothing but a blur as it charged at the Charizard with so much speed, that its tiny legs were nothing but a blur. Faster and faster he ran, until sparks flew from its cheeks like shooting stars in the night. Suddenly Pikachu's entire body was engulfed in electricity, and the Pikachu leaped off the ground, aiming to ram its charged body into the air born Charizard. Charizard watched the advancing Pokémon with a gleam in his eye, throwing back its head; the fiery Pokémon began releasing a tunnel of flame over the advancing Pikachu, the spinning flames trapping the mouse Pokémon like a whirlpool of fire. Advancing nearer and nearer as the Pikachu gained speed, it began to sweat as the flames licked at its tiny body, Pikachu growled and pressed on, ignoring the burns that were starting to form on its tail. Charizard smiled an evil smile and braced itself for the coming attack. "CHUUU!!" Pikachu screamed and-

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