So I'm writing a serial for the Bulbagraphic, set in my new fantastic Pokeworld of Arcion. I'm planning on writing a one-shot/shortfic introducing the counterparts of the Shinou Trio (and the heroes of the larger story) before it begins , and wanted to know what you thought of what I have so far:

The Rainbow Wings of Arcion


"The Bandits of the Lightless Mire"

The morning sun shone down on a road somewhere in Arcion, illuminating three travelers casually strolling through the rolling hills and fields dotted in flowers. One of them, a black haired boy wearing a royal blue tunic, led the way. A small yellow mouse creature was perched on the boy's shoulder, shaded by its master's elegant hat and admiring the blue glint of the sapphire set in the pommel of the sword at the boy's left side.

A black haired girl in a dull red ranger's tunic walked next to him, the white feathers on her sleeves and the rainbow feathers on the arrows she carried fluttering in the breeze. In addition to the arrows, a bow made of aged rowan wood hung from her back, the sun making the star patterns in the black leather grip shine.

Both of them were trying their hardest to listen to their companion, an older boy with brown hair and tan skin wearing the tell-tale blue, white, and gold robes of a mage that belonged to the Alliance of Shirista, as he sang a tragic ballad from the eastlands, accompanying himself on a crescent moon-shaped harp decorated in sapphires. There were two sisters of Azafran town, oh, the wind and rain; one was dark and the other was fair, oh, the dreadful wind and rain. They both had the love of a smithy's son, oh, the wind and rain; but he was fond of the fairer one, oh, the dreadful wind and rain. So she pushed her into the river to drown, oh, the wind and rain; and watched her as she floated out, oh, the dreadful wind and rain. She floated 'til she came to a faraway pond, oh, the wind and rain; dead on the water like a shining Swanna, oh, the dreadful wind and rain...

"Can't you sing something a little happier, Brock?" the ranger finally sighed in frustration, stopping the mage from his song. "No matter how many times I hear you sing that, I end up depressed."

"That's what, the fifth time you've sang 'The Wind and Rain'?" the young warrior agreed. "I mean, Dawn and I know you're no minstrel, but you've got to know some happier songs! It would make the trip to Azulona go much faster than songs about fiddles made from dead girl's bones..."

Brock thought for a moment, plucking a few uncertain notes as he thought of a song to rally his friends. "Would 'Dark of the Night' be better?"

"Nah..." the warrior sighed.

"'The Horn of the Beast'?"

"You've sang that one already..."

"'The Sword of Chance'?"

"Heard that one, too..."

"'The Reluctant Dragonslayer'?

"Well, while you and Ash decide what song to sing next, perhaps you want to know why we're going to Azulona to begin with?" Dawn suggested.

"Their marketplace? I hear you can get legendary items for the price of a loaf of bread!" Ash guessed, excited at the prospect of treasure.

"Or better, rare spells with power beyond our wildest dreams?" Brock added.

"Wrong, and wrong." Dawn replied, making the boys facefault. "We're going to help the townsfolk out by helping them with their bandit problem.