The Dimensional Scream ability.

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Thread: The Dimensional Scream ability.

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    Default The Dimensional Scream ability.

    Do you think it would be a good idea for more than one person/Pokemon to have the Dimensional Scream ability? I mean, nothing I've read has ever said that it's a unique ability noone else can have ever again, right?

    If more than one Pokemon can have The Call (and fans of Scythe Riders Silver Resistance will knw what I mean by The Call!), surely the Dimensional Scream can also be an ability than more than one can have, right?

    What's interesting is that our interpretation (with it being spread out among four people) has a certain part of the ability given to one person each.

    Woody has the part that detects Time Gears.

    Harold has the part that can see the past. (Most specifically, his own past)

    Deanna has the part that can see the future. (Espeons can do that, can't they?)

    Lorraine has the part that comes up at random times with nothing to do with Time Gears. (still trying to control her new powers I guess)

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    Default Re: The Dimensional Scream ability.

    This sounds good IMO. Since it's split between characters I don't think it cheapens the concept of it either. Though I wonder: do you plan on doing anything to take advantage of how a dimensional scream ability split between several people separates itself from a dimensional scream ability held by one?

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    Default Re: The Dimensional Scream ability.

    Well, the Pokémon world definitely has confirmed Psychics going around, and the Dimensional Scream ability could easily be attributed to involuntary clairvoyance/scrying. I would say that it's a definite possibility for people to develop a similar ability, and the DScream already confirmed to manifest in at least one Pokémon - so long as it is kept to be a very rare instance (perhaps in a handful of characters). With what you've put forth, it seems as though "Deanna" could be explained as having some degree of future sight from her psychic abilities, "Harold" could be having flashbacks as he recovers from whatever memory loss makes his aspect of the scream necessary, leaving only "Lorraine" and "Woody" with the true DScream ability - you're already down to two, which should be relatively safe. So long as you feel that you can write it convincingly, I would say to go for it.


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