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Thread: Different points of view

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    Whenever I have to write an argument or conversation, or even just developing the point of view of a character, I have to clearly see their background.

    From there I usually consider how they've lived and try to put myself in their situation. I do this exercise where I spend an amount of time (an hour or a day whichever you choose) as that character. See how the react to everyday stresses or a TV show that's on, what they think before they do something. This way you'll really understand the character.

    It seems a bit odd but then I have the conversation or argument with myself and see how it plays out.

    That's how I've always done it.

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    You know, I've had an argument with a guy who was watching an internet series that he didn't like yet kept watching because he hoped it'd get better for him. I was baffled that he'd trudge through a show that he deemed low quality, one that had years of content and still going. It was inconceivable.

    What I'm getting at is that there are somethings that your bias won't let you consider and that's not good when trying portraying it in fiction.

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