A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

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Thread: A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

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    Default A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

    The Pokedex, one of the most prominent pieces of technology in the Pokemon World, which has undergone numerous changes in appearance and specific functions ranging from basic information on the Pokemon, to where they can be found and their footprints (Games), to lists of the moves they can use (Anime, ex. Ninja-Poke Showdown.) Looking at all of these different, canonical, interpretations of the device, got me wondering, and reading over a lot of fanfictions, mostly journey fics, got me posting. What does the Pokedex do in your stories? What functions have you added to the Pokedex? Which ones have decided not using? Have you even changed it at all? When it reads a description, do you copy and paste from a site like Bulbapedia? Do you combine facts from canonical entries in the games and anime? Or do you embrace your creative license and decide for yourself what Pokemon do and do not do? Basically, just a giant mish-mosh of exactly what the uses for a Pokedex are in your fics. And even if you haven't written anything, but still have ideas on how your head-canon Pokedex works, share them!

    Okay! Topic? Check. Basic questions? Check. Ability to expand beyond basic questions? Also check. Okay, discuss!

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    Default Re: A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

    I try and find a game entry that is pertinent to the scene at hand and paste it in
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    Default Re: A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

    I actually had an idea for a sort of a conception of the anime-verse leaning in a "Pokémon in real life" sort of direction in which Pokédexes as seen in the anime and games exist, but they're considered expensive specialty items, kind of like the sorts of handheld stand alone GPS units used for geocaching as opposed to the GPS functions of a modern smartphone.

    In that setting, there are smartphone apps that LITERALLY function as Pokédexes, and things like Pokédex 3D Pro for Nintendo 3DS exist, but in the context of something that can actually be used to scan and identify Pokémon.

    Heck, maybe the Pokédex smartphone apps make you pay 99 cents per entry or something like that. :P

    One interesting aspect of the original Pokédex in the anime that wasn't touched upon again is that it was considered a form of police-recognized identification.

    Also, I actually wrote two "original" Pokédex entries for Dratini and Dragonair for something I was working for a while back but never finished.

    DRATINI: The Dragon Pokémon.
    It's skin is very sensitive, and it must shed its skin frequently.
    It loves to be stroked and gentled by those it is fond of.

    DRAGONAIR: The evolved from of Dratini.
    This Pokémon gives off an aura to relieve itself of excess life energy.
    It shares its life energy by embracing others in its coils.

    The idea was the Trainer read the entries and became enamored with wanting to catch one for herself.

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    Default Re: A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

    Mine's basically Bulbapedia with a scanner for identifying Pokemon. It has all sorts of fun stuff on a ton of Pokemon, but not all. There's practically no information on legendaries, for example, and very little on fossil Pokemon.

    It hasn't shown up much in my fic recently since a while ago I basically wrote it out. I figured that it would make sense for a passionate trainer to do a bunch of research, memorizing moves and species in order to be a better battler (basically what we nerds do for the games). Due to that, my characters haven't had much of a reason to look at a Pokedex very often.

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    Default Re: A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

    Mine in my current story is more closer to the Pokemon Special manga version, but many changes made to it like adding the Pokegear and Poketch functions to it. It is not in any canon verse, so I would rather say it is my own original version.

    The Pokedex in my story is a high-tech electronic device similar to a PDA or Smartphone or Tablet or whatever those things you called. Other than the major function of scanning and giving out the information about a Pokemon, it also consists of other functions like Pokemon tracing, GPS, SMS, internet browsing, notepad, pedometer, etc et cetera. The functions can be add or subtract by installing and/or uninstalling the application softwares inside, so it may be customized according to the user.
    This Pokedex has its background history of originally being a data recording device used by the Pokemon researchers to collect daily data from Pokemon trainers. In order in increase the data samples, researchers thus changing the physical appearance of the recording device into a digital supporter that is now known as "Pokedex", which then trainers will accept it more easily because there is no mind-set of being a sample of the researchers. However, in order to ensure the collected data is of good quality, researchers distribute the Pokedex only to the trainers where they think it is "good quality sample", so it consequentially leads to a public image of Pokedex holders are all skilled trainers, possessing something that is different from ordinary people. (Though that is not 100% true)

    For the dex entries inside, about 80% are equivalent to the canon dex entries, but add something more onto it that doesn't cause contradiction, eliminate wordings such as Indian Elephant and Eiffel Tower where it refers to our real world, and replace it with actual numbers or objects in the Pokemon world. The addition will be more for Pokemon from newer generations, because canon entries are much lesser compare to Pokemons from older generations.

    Edit: And forget to say, other than these said functions, the Pokedex in my story has one extra function that is not part of the Pokemon fandom, where that part is actually the essential for the necessary existence of Pokedex in my fic.
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    Default Re: A Different Kind of 'Fandex'

    I'd largely use the 'Dex functions from the games, minus the need to collect entries one by one. Taking a tip from the anime, I'd give it a voice as well as a readout, and it might contain information specific to its trainer. However, I wouldn't use the 'Dex as a form of identification, because I prefer the Trainer Card from the games. Mostly, it would interact with Poké Balls to program them with the trainer's ID number and "Secret ID".

    Previously, I gave the 'Dex the ability to legally affirm trades by link cable or wireless, but I've since adopted the standard trading machine.

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