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    Question concerned about location name...

    okay, so I'm almost finished with this first story arc in my Fanfiction posted on another site, and there was one review that stuck my attention regarding a certain location.

    in as spoiler-free a means as possible. the main character, having gone through a change of heart through a morally painful realization he's never considered, unleashes a violent backlash that goes personally wrong, and due to a sort of intervention, he barely comes out on top. his Charizard, having heard his muttering for a need to train before passing out, decided to fly him all the way to his old training grounds.

    The Charicific Valley, that anime exclusive location in Johto.

    now... the review that got my attention, however, referred to it as the "Charific" Valley... which i do remember quite a few people referring it by that spelling. that brings the following question:

    What spelling of the place is the most familiar to people in Pokemon?

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    It's definitely Charicific. Charific is not how it's pronounced in the anime, nor spelled on any reference that I can find. I'd use Charicific, as I would think more people would be familiar with that, but I doubt anyone wouldn't know what you meant if you just said Charific.

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    Charicific, definitely. Just corroborating AetherX, here.

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    Default Re: concerned about location name...

    The Japanese name for it is Lizafic Valley (Lizardon + -fic), but the English name is Charicific (Charizard + -icfic), that likely explains the difference.
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