Brainstorming ideas for a journey fic
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Thread: Brainstorming ideas for a journey fic

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    Default Brainstorming ideas for a journey fic

    Well I'm sure people get sick of seeing these OT journeys though for some reason I find them very fun to read if they turn out to actually be good. I'm planning one kinda based on my playthrough so far of Pokemon Platinum and currently as I am writing this I have just beat Crasher Wake(HUNWAH!) though things will happen differently as they happen in Platinum such as I'll be using a lot of my own plans. Here are some details and such I have planned though it can be changed such as if you don't think its a good idea to go with Team Galactic I could eliminate them from the story. So yeah...Here's the ideas i have so far...

    The Cast
    The cast will consist of my OT(yeah I know nothing really special), Dawn, Barry, and Lucas. The four will be friends who all live in Twinleaf Town and though they won't travel together they will frequently meet up for battles, fighting Team Galactic, as well as contests on rare ocassions. Dawn will be very much like her anime self and even use the same team she used in the anime. She will also compete in contests as well as facing the gyms. Barry will pretty much continue his role as the friendly rival which will also be shared with Lucas. My OT Justin will also have an older brother who will act as his primary rival whom he despises basically.

    *The cast can be cut down to just my OT: Justin, then Dawn and Barry though Lucas could be useful in the future.

    The Main Character
    My main character for this will be a 12 year old boy named Justin Gaines who will be competing to earn all 8 badges and enter the Lily of The Valley Conference. To basically describe his traits, his good traits consist of his optimism, his outgoing attitude, his caring attitude towards Pokemon, his determination, and his willingness to help others. His negative traits include his impulsiveness, rushing into danger without thinking, his inability to understand his individuality fully, his boldness, and he takes things to heart a bit too much. To give a little bit of back story, he is the 2nd child of a former league competitor and a former top coordinator and the brother of a very powerful and well respected trainer in Sinnoh who has previously taken on other leagues. The only amount of experience he has prior to his journey was after being sent to the trainer's academy in Jubilife City.

    *If needed let me know if there's any way I can balance him if he's not balanced right now...

    Justin's Main Story
    While on his journey, not only will he, Dawn, Barry, and Lucas be dealing with Team Galactic but Justin feels very compelled to live up too a reputation and prove himself as a powerful trainer like his brother. He has been undermined and criticized often by his older brother quite often before he set out and will continue to be during his journey when he encounters him. The problem though that his friends see is that he doesn't understand that he is his own person and he shouldn't have to prove himself to his own brother. He will often try to prove to himself that he can be a stronger trainer and will often take on challenges beyond his level and his friends will often try to help convince him he doesn't have to live up to some reputation and prove himself to his brother.

    *Once again if anything needs to be changed please let me know

    The Pokemon
    The Pokemon that Justin will use are the same exact ones I use in my game and I will be working hard to develop into their own personalities. Out of these 6 Pokemon, the most prominent Pokemon will be the starter who will act as Justin's companion and always stay out of his pokeball. To a certain degree Justin will be able to understand what his Pokemon are trying to tell him based on body language, emotions, and tone, though I don't want to make it end up when he can have an in depth conversation with them.

    *Pokemon in the fic will often speak with a translational to the side when talking to Justin which will be in parenthesis

    I haven't started writing yet and I'm really just brainstorming for now and if there's anything that needs to be fixed or anything you think I should do then please let me know.
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    Default Re: Brainstorming ideas for a journey fic

    Something important to remember in journey fics, particularly ones that borrow heavily from the game and anime-verse, is to incorporate something that your reader hasn't encountered before. Your readers will probably be very familiar with the Sinnoh region, the games' storyline, contests, journeying, and the like. It looks like you mean to focus a lot on development of Justin over time. If that's the case, you'd probably want to include lots of introspective or emotional scenes that play on that bit of originality. Just my sliver of advice.

    You seem to have thought this out fairly well, and I wish you luck!


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