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Thread: Basic Guidelines for Reviewing/Fic Reviewers

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    Well I'm both a writer and a reviewer- once something is recommended to me anyhow. I like to think I can give good advice, though I like to focus on story line and how the story is told more so than nick picky things like grammar and spelling. Though if I notice them, I'll try to point them out (I'm a real naughty english major, abandoning my grammar nazi ways).

    Okay I do have preferences though. I try not to be bias but I don't like OC stories. If I wanted to read an OC story, I'd rather just read a regular book, no fandom attached. I also prefer to have stories that relate to the first few seasons (Indigo-Johto) as I am unaware of the new characters and pokemon. However, I can make an exception in the case of Ash and Aura Guardian stories. I just eat those up.

    I love stories about Ash, Gary, Misty, Richie and occasionally even odd-balls like Sabrina or Giovanni. I, of course, love Team Rocket stories. My favorite is Ash by far. If Ash is in it, I'll probably still like it. I don't mind shonen ai so long as it's toned down, as it's not my preference. ABOSOLUTELY NO SEX SCENES (same sex or different sex). I refuse to read it. I feel that that should be a private thing between the two characters and I really don't need to read it. However, if it is only implied (fade to black) I'll tolerate it.

    I also don't like bestiality. Sorry pikashippers.

    I don't mind romance. But I really love adventure, dark realistic fictions. If you read my own fanfics, you can get a sense of my taste.

    I am completely available to review at the moment. And I'll probably put a review above other things on my plate, save for friday's comics.

    Also you can trust me to be nice. I don't believe in leaving negative critical reviews.
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    As a writer, I'm prepared to review if someone asks me. I try to give feedback that's constructive - if I don't like something because it's not my taste, I'll say so and won't pretend it's something the author did wrong. I prefer OC for the most part, but if pressed I'll read established characters as well.

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I will review almost any story, but I prefer the shorter ones. I also like more original themes. It has to catch my eye, which is not like, for example, "War", "Ash's Journey", "pokemon story", ect. I am almost always available. I Beta read for the newer writers for common mistakes.
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I'm free to read and review :D

    I don't like to read non-pokemon related fics though and I'm not to big on sex scenes :/

    Don't worry, I'll be nice in my reviews :DD
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I prefer darker stories and more original stories as well as Mystery Dungeon based stories. No ""

    No shipping stories except for Legendary shippings.

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    Default Reviewer Available

    Hey there. I'm just a reviewer stopping in to offer my services. Here's some information:

    Background: I'm a perfectionist; I wrote two complete novels before the age of thirteen, one which spanned 150 pages (normal margins; Times New Romans; font size 12; 86,000 words). I won the Royal Canadian Legion English Proficiency Award of 2006 when I graduated from elementary school; I also won the Oustanding Achievement in English Excellence Award. As for grades, I'm a gifted student in languages who acts like a sponge with literature information. My marks in every subject, other than mathematics and physical education, average 80-95% without studying. Languages and writing is my passion, and I plan to make a career out of it.

    Strengths&Weaknesses: Grammar, spelling, and context are big things for me. I can spot fragments and the misuse of a semi-colon instantly. I'm also a walking dictionary so generally, the misuse or the uncommon use of a word will be caught immediately. I'm a pretty rounded individual; when it comes to literature, I have reached a level where faults are rare and are committed 99% of the time by inattention. As well, I understand the concept of personal style in writing and I try not to impede on another's creativity.

    Examples of Work:

    Well, I lost the soft copy of my two novels when I reformatted my computer and my iPod. I am writing a fanfic, however, and I'll share that with you. It's Pokemon, but it's not an "Original Trainer"-type thing. It's pretty much a novel with a bit of a Pokemon theme set in a fictional medieval age. Remember: fictional, not historical.

    For a list of all my reviews, click here.

    Now, for the fun part.

    What I'll Review:

    - Fantasy Novels
    - Science Fiction Novels
    - Fiction Novels
    - Fanfiction (Books/Games/Shows, etc.)
    - Essays

    Text Languages I'll Review:

    - English
    - French

    What I Won't Review:

    - Vulgar Novels
    - Anti-God/Religion Novels
    - Non-Fiction Novels

    If you need a review done, VM me here at Bulbagarden.

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    Im willing to review long fic's of any sort, I'm free and bored :P

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I'll read anything. I will point out mistakes in spelling and grammar as well as request rephrasing in order to make the story better. I'll make my honest evaluation of the story (good or bad) and sometimes make comments in order to help the writer create better stories in the future. Just PM me and I'll review the story as soon as I can.

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    i review stories, but i am defenatley want people to review my fic, The Riseof Heroes. I am trying to make it half off the games and half original. i can currently review.
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    Me, I'll read most stories as long as they aren't Anti-religon or like that, I hate shipping so I won't review that either cause then I fear I would be unfair.
    I write my own fanfics and stories and won competions region-wide.
    I am a heavy reader therefore I have alot of experiance, I am almost always free, I love original characters and plots as long as they are reasonable.
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    If anyone wants me to review their fic, I'm up for it. It just may take a while because my reviews tend to be a bit long.

    I'll also look over anyone's work before they post it, if anyone's looking for a beta.

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I'll review anything as long as it is a decent story. PM me

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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I'm willing to review most fics so long as it's game-verse, and I'll only do those since I'm completely unfamiliar with the anime or the manga. Also I don't think I can do either yaoi or yuri shippings as I have a mental bias against them.
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I'll happily review any Original Trainer stories (or pretty much any story that involves something original and non-canon) you guys have. Simply post a visitor message and I'll have a look-see at it.

    You can also request 10-scale ratings, but I rate those hard. Here's a rough scale of what I give:

    0-1: Horrible. You should consider taking the work off the site and learning a bit about what you're lacking in.
    2-3: Pretty bad, could use a lot of work.
    4-5: About average - not too bad, not too good either. This is par for the course, work that would normally get around a 65 to 70 in my Grade 11 English class.
    6-7: Good. This facet of the story could be recommended by me later on for its redeeming qualities.
    8-9: Very good! This field of the story has only very minor flaws.
    10: Excellent! There were no (or very very little) flaws in the field I was marking, and I have nothing bad to say about it.

    And the overall rating (if you request it) is out of 100. Here's what it boils down to:

    0-9: Horrible. Consider taking the work off the site and work on it for a few months before posting it up again.
    10-19: Pretty bad, you should definitely consider getting some heavy revision done and look over your ideas to see if they have any merit.
    20-34: It was worse than normal, but not horrible enough for me to headdesk over. Could definitely use some improvement and tweaking.
    35-49: Around average - not too bad, not really good either. This will probably be the most populous interval on the site.
    50-64: An okay story - better than average, but still lacking in some aspects.
    65-79: Good. This story is a solid read, and I would gladly put in a good word for it.
    80-89: Very good! The story was well done character-wise, plot-wise, and the grammar, style, and story flow were impeccable.
    90-99: Excellent! This story will definitely become one of my favourites. There were almost no flaws in the story, and it had everything that was good in it.
    100: This story was absolutely perfect. I will probably never give this grade to any story, because the requirements are just too stringent.

    My current OT story, Generation 2021, gets a rating of about 72, although that's very much skewed by the fact that I wrote it.
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    Default Re: Fic Reviewers

    I'm sorta picky about the stories I review, but I mostly review fan-fics with original characters. I hate shipping fan-fics so please don't ask me to review yours :/ Game based is OK, but not always. I also enjoy original stories (non fan-fics) that have a lot of action/adventure in them. I also like ones that portray death, and also ones where an important character dies. Drama is also another genre of story I review.

    .you said okay.

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