This is about the URPG idea of War/Risk/Conquest (details here URPG War/Risk Idea - Page 3 ). Our problem is that we do not know how to conduct the FFAs. Multiple ideas have arisen, here's a list:

1.Done in a Risk-esque fashion, with FFAs with two teams of multiple trainers (each with multiple mons maybe) and the winner gets the territory.

2.Harry's idea of doing an FFA with every team, the winner getting X adjacent territories.

3.ATF's idea which I don't understand so I'm just going to copy it:

1) We use a FFA style where multiple teams/members get on and have a melee and the winner is the last team standing.

2) We use a fluid style approach of when a territory is being captured then any members of the teams can fight each other. Therefore, no time match ups are needed and we don't have to match the battles. Whoever is on can battle without things getting stagnant. If this second approach is used then it would mean teams would have to be random, otherwise we'll get a repeat of the last War when all the Vets ('cept for a couple) teamed up and destroyed everybody in the battle arena.
4. Other

Please, only post if you have an opinion different to the ones in the polls, or if you like an idea posted by another person, but be free to vote