This is again about URPG War/Risk/Conquest. Should we have regional bonuses. Here's the list that I put up on the main thread. Post whatever you like here, but still vote

The list (for Kanto)

Pallet: Oak's lab 1 Free Starter per turn (duration of the War only)
Viridian: Trainer's school. 25% off Tutor moves.
Pewter: Museum: 1 free fossil Pokemon per 3 turns
Cerulean: Daycare: 25% off BMs
Vermilion: SS Anne: access to any costal town/city
Lavender: Pokemon Tower, free ghost per turn
Celadon: Departement Store: 25% off TMs
Saffron: Magnet Train: access to Goldenrod
Fuchsia: Safari Zone: one free Pokemon from Safari Zone list per turn
Cinabar: Volcano, one free Fire from a list somewhere type per turn