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    Main RP Rules

    1) No God-moding! This is when your character ALWAYS hits their target, NEVER takes a hit or gets injured, is invincible...basically, it's making your character godlike.

    2) No Bunnying! This is when you control another character's actions and/or make them act out of character. Rangers can bunny a Trainer's Pokemon if the need arises, but that's it.

    3) No cursing. An occasional "damn" here or "hell" there is fine, but don't be like Jan Valentine! And if that Hellsing reference went completely over your head, what I mean is don't run around dropping f-bombs and swearing like the proverbial sailor.

    4) Please, for the love of God, NO ROMANCE! This is an RP, not a romance novel or soft porn. I mean, if you want some light hugging and kissing, then go for it, but nothing beyond that.

    5) Be respectful to everyone else in the RP.

    6) Try to keep OOC stuff to a minimum. If you need to discuss something with your Trainer/Ranger and it'll take more than a sentence or two, please take it to PM or somewhere else.

    7) Trainers: You will honor the final decisions of all Rangers and Park Officials. If you think an outcome is unfair you're welcome to come to an Elite Ranger and we'll further discuss things.

    8) Remember to always follow BMG''s ToS (Terms of Service; that long block of text you agreed to follow when you first joined the forum).

    I believe that's it for now. Basically, this is like any other RP, except for a few key differences. That being the case, most rules that apply to regular RPs will apply to this one, even if they're not posted here.
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