alright. for people who want to be a character from the series of Super Smash Brothers, just put the name, the reason you want to join, where you found this, something about yourself and any other thing you want to put down so then we can get to know each other for a bit. below is the link for the list of characters for you to be. but to warn you, once a character is taken... you can not be that character that was already taken. also make sure to put the picture in the written form so then i can make sure that is the character you want. ok have a good time and good luck.

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Character List

Where did you find this:
Person you want to be:
one thing or more about your self:
Do you want to do private talk so then you can get some help if you can't think of anything? (Y/N):
Put pic here: