Alright, so I'm thinking of making an RP. It's based off the Mother world, but I intend to make it fairly self-contained so that it's accessible to people not familiar with the series. Anyway, what I want to know is, do you guys think I should put in a level-up system, or make it more freeform? Right now, my plan is to make it so that people level up every ten posts, and every even-numbered level, they'd get an ability, while every odd-numbered one, they'd be able to add a stat point.

PSI-Users can select either a PSI ability or a physical one, but need to invest points into the PSI stat to be effective, meaning that non-PSI users will usually be as effective at combat as a buffed-PSI user. Otherwise, I could just make it so that people make their characters and keep PSI abilities they get when they sign up. What do you guys think?