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Thread: Pokémon Universe: Johto

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    Drew frowned. He kept hid hand with Luna's as he looked towards a nearby wall, lost in thought as his mind was flooded with questions.

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    "Your friends were in no condition to fight, either." Celebi said, referencing Luna and Enzap's behavior.

    "... No. I will save them. Send me back! Send me back to save them!" Brad gave as a command.

    "I can't do that. You'll kill yourself in the process. But I can help you save them at a later date." Celebi offered. "Keep me with you and we can make things right together."

    "You ruined this for me. I will do it on my own, without your help!" Brad yelled, storming back from where they came in hopes of heading home.

    "You're just leaving me here?!" Celebi called after Brad, who was already storming down the cavern paths and not worrying about his friends, knowing that they would know their way out on their own. He just wanted revenge on Team Universe and to find a way to get his Pokémon back.

    Meanwhile, Celebi addressed Luna, Drew, and Enzap. "Be safe." It advised before disappearing in a flash of green light to find a way to reunite with Brad and help with his fight.

    Outside of Mt. Silver, Brad looked up at the sky. "I'm saving you guys.... you won't be slaves to Team Universe." He said before walking off down the path to Silver Town.


    Pokémon Universe: Johto


    Outskirts of Mt. Silver

    A woman looked through the cave walls of Mt. Silver from the outside, using technologically advanced vision from her glasses to see the scene from outside. She examined the silhouette of a man who threw a ball and did a background search.

    "Archie, admin of Team Universe." She concluded as his history appeared on the screen of her computerized headset.

    "Sir." A grunt approached before making a hand signal which resembled a specific solute for their group.

    "Do a further examination of this man. We've found a goldmine." She said, reentering the airbase that was landed nearby.

    "Yes, J." The grunt repeated the hand salute before following her inside of the airship.
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