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    "Who's voice is that in my mind?" asked Zero. "It is Rayquaza trying to calm down Groudon." replied Giratina. "How come I can hear it?" said Zero
    "Rayquaza's voice must be loud so Groudon can listen to him through his rage" replied Giratina. Then without warning Zero ran to the group and said "Why are you people here? It seems you got something against Team Rocket and Galactic but why are you guy still here?" 'I think now is the time for questions i need to know if they can be trusted... at least for now'

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    Yggdrasil and Myuu-chan stood side-by-side in front of Groudon, Yggdrasil kneeling, while Myuu-chan looked the legend in the eye. Zero the Absol remained by the Rockets he had frozen, refreshing the ice if it melted a little too much in the hot sun caused by Groudon's "drought" ability.

    "Groudon, please, remain calm. We are a team of trainers, yes, but unlike those who tried to capture you, we are friends of the legends. We do Lord Arceus' will," shouted the professor, hoping the Continental Behemoth would be able to hear him. Myuu-chan mostly echoed his words, only giving them a spin to reflect the position of the Legends gathered by the team.
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    Melik gazed at Giratina, realization spreading through him.

    "So that's where it was," he said.

    Yes, Giratina is at least not in the rocket's hands, this is a relief, rang Darkrai's voice in his head. I only hope now that he isn't upset about the pillar.

    You bring that up now, of all times! We have found out that Giratina is safe, and what looks to be in the care of a trainer who seems to be another ally, and lets not forget that rampaging Groudon... Melik's train of thought stopped. He just remembered the Groudon right next to them, and it didn't seem all that friendly right now. Backing away nervously, he took out Empoleon's pokeball.

    Rayquaza might be trying to handle this, but if things go bad, at least I won't be defensless, thought Melik. Infernape and Rypherior came up to protect him. Correcting himself, he thought, well, at any rate I won't be defensless and will have something that can stand up to Groudon if things get out of hand.

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    Sorry guys...I've been busy as all hell lately, I just can't seem to find the time to keep this RPG or my fic up anymore. I apologize, but this RPG is going to be put on hold for a while -- and to be honest, I'm not quite sure how long that will be. I promise, though, I am not abandoning it. Again, I offer my sincerest apologies.

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