He was one of the last people in to audition for the Glee Club; he had been nearly ready to just not go to the audition before his sister tugged him into the wide auditorium. Not many people knew why he really wanted to try out for the Club, other than his family and he preferred for most people to think that the reason was simply the want to meet girls. He sat more in the middle of the group of hopefuls, waiting for his name to be called and trying not to fidget.

He hardly sang in public and while he didn't have too much in the way of anxiety it was still daunting to listen to the rest of the auditions and not feel hopelessly outclassed. A few people sat in a clustered group near the man that was monitoring the auditions, Mr. Shue. He was close enough to hear some of them talking, the two worst of them were two girls, both were cheerleaders and beautiful.

He had been interested until he could clearly hear their murmuring, most of which was catty and negative. That was an utter turn of and he was luckily distracted as his turn came too soon and he ascended the stage, breathing in and out and trying to ignore the urge to bolt. Facing the small audience he smiled when Mr. Shue asked his name,

"Tristan Firestone." at the man's nod he drew in a breath.

The band had warmed up behind him and he steeled himself before starting to sing. He had a strong tenor, clearly reaching the back of the auditorium. He sang of unrequited love, of how it could twist you up and take everything vital away from you even if it was for a moment. The song before had been a nice one to listen to and practice, it matched his range and felt comfortable. Now it held more meaning and the understanding which had made his voice stronger,
He felt a bit more at ease and relaxed once his song was done, a sharp whistle coming from his sister and warm applause from most of the audience followed. Mr. Shue nodded and waved him off of the stage, letting him take a seat once more.

(Song sung: “Breathless” by Dan Wilson. Dan Wilson-Breathless (with lyrics on screen) - YouTube)