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    Default Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Fushimi & Momoka)

    @Rio Kamishiro;


    IV sat looking outside the window, seeming bored. It’d been some years since he and III were left in that orphanage… V never did come get them, or bring Byron, their father, back. They had been adopted up until recently, but due to various reasons, it didn’t work out, so IV and III left on their own. Barely managing, they somehow got an apartment. A cheap one, it was enough to live at the very least. IV got up and looked over at III.
    He thought about leaving for a little, but he couldn’t let III out of his sight. After all, III was younger than he was… Who knows what would happen if he didn’t keep an eye on him. Sighing, he just sat back down. He wondered where V was… Where their dad even was. There was nothing he could really do though, and that irritated him. Still bored, he laid his head on the table and then looked over at his little brother.

    OOC: Is III's name Michael, or is it just Mihael?Also, if the title is bad, I could always change it.

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: I think it's Mihael. Also, III would call IV "Thomas", right? XD Nah, it's fine.

    With constant worry plaguing III's mind, his thoughts were just was never clear nowadays. His father, V, and IV... he worried about them all. His precious family is his life, and now... that family is broken. All he has now is his older brother IV, and the whereabouts of Byron were unknown. The eldest brother V left them, for a reason, but this left the young boy feeling lonely.

    Noticing his brother's obvious boredom, he looked over at him. "Nii-sama? Something wrong..?" Obviously a lot was wrong, but III just decided to ask and hear IV's opinion on living in this little, daft apartment they could barely afford.
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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: Yeah, I would think. I always come up with the cheesiest titles. XD

    IV didn't say anything for a moment, and then turned his head away. "...It's nothing."

    He knew his little brother was just... No, probably even more worried than he was. Still, IV couldn't think of any ways to comfort III. He tried reassuring him a couple of times that V and Byron would be back, but those were just empty words. Staring outside the window more, he got up once again. This time though, he started to actually open the door knob to leave. He wanted to go look, or do anything, yet... He still couldn't bring himself to leave III. And he couldn't bring III either, since it would only prove to be more of a chore. Thinking that, he only walked away again. He had no clue what to do... Therefore, he decided to ask his little brother.

    "...Mihael, if I went for just a little bit to look for Chris... Would you wait here for me?" He tried asking as calmly he could, not wanting to make III nervous or anything.

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: Wait. Wait. No, he wouldn't. *facepalm* He'd say "Nii-sama" or "Thomas-Niisama". You're cheesier than a bowl of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

    Not really satisfied with IV's answer, he wanted to ask him more. Could they continue to live this way? Would they find their father? Would V come back for them? Those thoughts crowded III's young mind and ended up causing him endless anxiety... anxiety he couldn't talk to IV about. His older brother was already doing all he could for him, he couldn't possible trouble him with more than he already had to deal with. It would be unfair of III to do so... or so he thought.

    "Chris-Niisama?" It had been a while since IV even acknowledged V, so it surprised III a little to hear his name mentioned. "Can't I come with you..?" After realizing he said something so selfish, he covered his mouth.

    I shouldn't ask anymore of him... I mustn't trouble him.

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: Ha ha, oops. XD Cheesier than a grilled cheese with macaroni & cheese on top of it.

    IV scratched the back of his head, not knowing what to answer. In truth, he thought III would only be a nuisance if he came, but he couldn't just tell him that. Sighing very slightly he bent down a little to reach III's height.

    "Well... I wouldn't be able to keep very good track of you if you came with me... And I wouldn't be able to pay very much attention to you in general." He softly said to III.

    That wasn't exactly a good excuse, but he couldn't come up with anything else really. Noticing III's troubled expression, IV frowned, becoming more unsure of what to do. If he didn't go and look, how much longer would they be able to live this way...? It wasn't a matter of wanting to. It was something they both needed.

    IV turned away and inched further from the door. "...N-Never mind. Forget I even asked that." He said, changing his mind. How could he even think of leaving III? III needed him, after all. There was no way he could leave even for just a couple of hours.

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    OOC: Derp. XD Lotta cheese there.

    IV was right, it would only cause problems for him if III came. He already had to keep track of him, keep him fed, provide him with shelter... It would be way too much to ask more of his surprisingly dependable brother.

    Nodding at his response, he didn't know what to say now. "Sorry, Nii-sama... I shouldn't have asked that." All he could think to do was apologize. Even then, he knew that was not the best thing to do. "But you know, I can take care of myself."

    I'm causing him trouble... I shouldn't do that. I need to be more independent, I can't keep shackling him like this. I'm only holding Nii-sama back.

    Seeing IV's frown made his heart ache. All he could think of every night was how to win back his brother's smile. It didn't help that IV seemed to get a bit more angry each day, thinking of ways to live. Deep in III's heart, he didn't want to blame V for leaving them like this, but he secretly did... he tried to suppress such dark emotions.

    Walking near IV, he had an abnormally angry, serious look on his face. "No, I think you should go look for him. I can stay here, by myself." He was serious. Completely serious. But would IV take it that way?

    "Unless you... want me to come with you."

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: By the way, can there be shippings in this? Very much.

    IV looked over, surprised by III's seriousness. Was he mad at him...? Why would he be though? Unless he thought IV thought of him as nothing but a nuisance...

    Turning a little to face III directly, IV tried to think of what to make of III's tone. "I know you can, but..." He said that, but he knew III really couldn't. Not that III wasn't very independent, it was just that IV was way too over protective.

    Shaking his head, IV turned back around. "I would want for you to come, but it's not so simple to just allow you to come."

    Then again... I doubt III will listen to me. Maybe I should just let him come. I mean, it couldn't be that much more trouble...

    IV went back over by the door, ready to open it. "Okay, okay. You can come, but don't leave my sight."

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: Why not? Our RP. XD

    Retaining his serious expression, he listened to IV's words. He knew he could handle himself, but it's not like he would ever let him go anywhere alone. IV was basically the definition of "overprotective older brother". After all IV had been through though, it would make sense as to why he would be. III could understand that, IV just didn't want to lose anyone else in their family... and neither did III.

    Now with a look of slight confusion, he continued to stare at IV. Not so simple? I guess not, but...

    Walking over to the door along with IV, he was delighted that he allowed him to come. Giving a bright smile, he responded with, "Don't worry, I'll be good, Nii-sama." He walked out the door, with a smile. "Come on, you lead the way!"

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: That's true. XD Just saying, since I'll probably do TeaService hints.

    IV couldn't help but smile a little, seeing III smile. That smile quickly faded though, as he was worried that they wouldn't be able to find V. Why would they suddenly find him? IV knew that the chance was slim, but he couldn't help but try. After years of not bothering to do anything about it, he just had to do something now.

    "Somebody's impatient." He said walking ahead of III.

    Where should we look...? I have absolutely no idea...

    While busy wondering where to even search, IV kept glancing over at III, making sure he wouldn't get out of his sight. III wasn't exactly a kid anymore, but that didn't stop IV from worrying. Still with an occasional glance at III, IV caught a glimpse of silver-ish hair. Instantly connecting silver hair to V, IV rushed over to where he saw it.

    Perhaps way too quickly, IV finally stopped, losing track of where he saw the person. Huffing due to being out of breathe, IV sighed out of disappointment. IV turned back around, ready to look elsewhere. He honestly had no clue though...

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: I was expecting that anyway. XD

    Smiling was the only way he could think of to make IV smile. He wanted to do whatever he could... just to see that bright, wonderful smile of IV's. Of course, both smiles were gone once the thought occurred to them that they might not find V... and what would they do if they did find him? III wasn't sure if he was ready, it would be very awkward to see him after so long... the last memory he had of V was looking back at him as they were dragged away, crying.

    His cheeks puffed, he gave a slight pout to IV. "I'm not impatient, you are." He teased, with a little chuckle.

    As they walked around town, looking for V, III made sure to stay close to his older brother. If he didn't, he was worried IV would panic and complicate things... and it would be III's fault, since he volunteered to come with him. Be good, be good... stay in his sight. He told himself, as he walked closer to him.

    And then... IV rushed off suddenly, startling III a little. "Nii-sama...!?" Thinking he may have found V, III tried to catch up to IV. He was faster than he looked though, and III quickly lost sight of him.

    What? Where did he go...?!

    After a bit of looking down alleys, III was suddenly taken over by a feeling of fear. He didn't like being left alone, it made him remember scary times in his life... his father suddenly being gone, V disappearing from his life... he didn't want to be lost this time. After searching in a huff, he finally caught a glimpse of blonde and brown hair. IV, it had to be him. Running over to him, he grabbed him suddenly from behind.

    "*Huff*... Nii-sama, you just.. *huff* left so suddenly! Don't do that, I'll lose you!"

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    OOC: Oh, well, good. Cause I can't help it, being my OTP after all. XD

    Suddenly being grabbed, IV looked over in a surprise. Turning around, he noticed how III was completely out of breathe.

    Oh, dang. I left him behind...!? I shouldn't have run off like that, but I couldn't help it since I thought I finally found Chris.

    IV blushed, embarrassed that he actually left III behind, even though he kept telling III to not go off. "S-Sorry, Mihael."

    He still couldn't believe he did that, and sighed. Grabbing III's hand again, he began to walk away. "So... Any idea on where to look, Mihael?" He asked, trying to incite conversation since he didn't want III to be nervous on not finding V.

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    OOC: Of course. ._.

    Still slightly out of breath, he let go of IV and shook his head. "Yeah... you told me not to run off, yet you..." Of course he forgave his brother, but he was still taken aback by IV's sudden leaving him.

    As IV grabbed his hand, III smiled. He felt so much safer around IV... he could allow himself to relax around him. It was selfish, but he wanted to continue leaning on IV for support.

    I should stop with that, he already has to shoulder enough. I have to support myself, and maybe... maybe I can be of use to Nii-sama.

    III couldn't help but feel he was a burden to IV, and maybe he really was one. Trying to rid himself of those thoughts, he held onto IV's hand tighter.

    "Hm... I can't say I really know this area all too well, much to my embarrassment..." It was to be expected that III didn't, since he barely left their apartment at all. And even when they did, IV was the one leading him everywhere, so he never payed much attention to the details of his surroundings. "Sorry, I don't really know. You don't think Chris-Niisama would be back in our old house, right..? Not that we really need to go there, I just... don't know."

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    IV felt relieved that III didn't seem angry. Of course, he didn't think he would be since III was almost always calm.

    "Back in our old house...?" He said, an obvious his of tone of being displeased in his voice. IV didn't want to go back there if he could help it. It just brought back memories... And he didn't want that. "I don't really feel like going back there... I mean, I doubt he would be there."

    Why did I think Mihael would have an idea? I mean, he hasn't been out much.

    Still walking, IV looked over at a hotel building, and saw someone walking in who looked a lot like V. Perhaps it was him? IV just had to know, this could finally be when they find V again. Not wasting any time, IV ran over, still holding onto III's hand tightly. He didn't want to leave him behind again, after all.

    Running inside the hotel building, he looked all around, but he didn't see that person. Figuring he must be inside one of the rooms of the hotel, IV was just about to go looking inside, but was suddenly stopped.

    It was a lady working there. "Do you have a room here...?" She asked him.

    IV shook his head, causing the lady to tell the two they couldn't go further inside. IV's frown grew, and he had no choice but to leave. Now outside the building, IV sat.

    "...I guess maybe we should just wait out here until that guy comes out again." He said to III, sounding angry.

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    Default Re: Cold Fragments of Time – Arclights-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (Ryoga Kamishiro & Rio Kamishi

    Of course IV wouldn't feel like going back to their old house... unnecessary memories would flood back and cause more pain. Anything to avoid such feelings... III was kind of glad IV didn't like his idea.

    Walking hand in hand, III felt uncomfortable... sick to his stomach. Recalling IV running off without him, he worried that what if IV just left him someday... without a trace, gone. It would be terrible, he would be left alone, not knowing how to get on in the world. IV had been holding his hand through life, both figuratively and literally.

    It's okay, Nii-sama is right here with me... he'll stay, we'll be alright.

    After entering the hotel, it was the first time III had been inside such a place. It was huge and fairly glamorous. It was so different from their apartment, and if V was in a place like this... it would be a bit hard to not be slightly bitter. Of course, as kind as III was, he would have to forgive his older brother. He had his reasons.

    Now leaving since they were not permitted to wait inside the hotel, III sat next to IV. Looking at his scowl made III depressed.

    "Do you really think it was Chris-Niisama? In a nice place like that?" He just couldn't imagine that it really was. If it was, then that would mean V was close to them all along and they just didn't know. "We can wait anyway, I just... don't think he would be living like that, leaving us poor."

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    IV didn't quite know what to think. That person certainly looked like his and III's big brother, but... What III said was true. Why would he never come get them and let them live in such poor conditions? He wanted to believe in V, but seeing that made him think otherwise. Then again, when was the last time he saw V? How would he know for certain that was him? That was exactly it.... Neither would know until it's confirmed.

    "I'm not sure if he would or not... But considering he left us in that orphanage before, I highly doubt it's impossible." He said, obvious bitterness in his voice.

    IV awkwardly looked around, waiting for whenever that person would come back out. Noticing III seemed to be feeling down, IV grabbed his hand. After doing that though, he quickly pulled back, blushing. Sheesh, what am I doing... III's not a kid anymore.

    Continuing to wait for what felt like hours, IV kept wondering why V never did come get them. Was it because he was just unable to...? But why would he be in this nice building then, so close by? If that guy really is V, he would want to ask, but part of him would be afraid to. He honestly wouldn't even know what to say if they are V. It'd been so long after all.

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