So maybe I've been playing too much Pokemon Conquest...
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Thread: So maybe I've been playing too much Pokemon Conquest...

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    Default So maybe I've been playing too much Pokemon Conquest...

    ...but I have the beginnings of an idea for an RP. Imagine that, one day, after the PC had conquered Ransei in Pokemon Conquest, Ransei came into contact with the Unova of B2/W2, through an island chain between the two of them-i.e., the area around the Nature Preserve that Skyla can fly you to in B2/W2. Warriors and Trainers crossed the ocean, and both learned each other's ways. Warriors picked up factory-made Revives and used Poke Balls to be closer to Pokemon they wished to link with, while Trainers began working Warrior Skills into their array as well as beginning their adventures with Perfect-Link Pokemon as their starters. Human nature being as it is, however, two opposing factions rapidly formed. One side claimed to have not a drop of Ranseian blood in their veins, and used technology on their journeys. The other side claimed to be pure-blooded Ranseians, and refused any Unovan technology. Oddly enough, though, both sides stayed in the island chain, not wishing to let the other side have anything. The chain itself consists of five islands in a gently curving line, with the largest island in the middle and the others tapering off at both ends. The Warriors control the eastern pair of the islands, while the Trainers control the western pair. The central island is, by mutual agreement-if only because neither side can take it without the other side striking back at full force-a neutral zone. This is mostly because of a single, exceptionally tall mountain at the center of the island. There is ordinary area at the mountain's base, but the mountain itself is sheer, snowcapped, and its peak is very nearly unreachable, as the sides are too sheer for Rock Climb to be of any use, and any Pokemon that would be able to climb the mountain, such as Absol or Graveler, doesn't have the power to carry a person up there. The legend goes that whoever reaches the peak will bring both war and peace (and no, this whole RP would NOT lead up to a bad pun about the book War and Peace) to the land. It is interpreted to mean that whoever reaches the top will carry their side to victory in war, and bring an end to the constant skirmishing.

    So, for the actual RPing instead of story. Everyone can choose a different origin for themselves. You could choose to be a Trainer who has decided to brave the mountain, a Warrior with the same goal, someone who doesn't follow the rules and uses both Warrior and Trainer techniques, a non-Pokemon-user...the only rule is that you have to be able to reasonably explain it. And why-you can't just say "my character does what he wants!" and call that good enough.

    Okay, it needs a little more detail in the way the RP works, but I think it sounds cool. What does everyone else think?


    What, you wanted to hear how the plot is going to go? Too bad.

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    Default Re: So maybe I've been playing too much Pokemon Conquest...

    Hello? Someone? What do you all think? This thread is lonely...

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    Right. Delete this, sorry-I didn't know where I was supposed to post this, but it wasn't here, apparently.


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