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    Default Serial Detective RP Interest Thread

    I was posting here to see if there would be any interest in a TV like detective type rp. It would be reminiscent of shows such as Hawaii Five-0 (the 2010 version), CSI, Law and Order, Bones, and Criminal intent, dramas that not only include large amounts of realistic investigation but huge amounts of action. I was thinking of doing it in a kind of experimental way, each RP would be a "season" and will include 8-10 "episodes" (cases will usually take around one "episode") or include 20-25 "episodes" like a normal american television series (In which case, cases will take 3-5 episodes). Each case will include a separate criminal, some special episodes the criminal will not be caught and come back. Each "season" (one RP) will contain a central criminal who will not be caught till the end of the season, usually having committed a large crime (hitting pretty close to home) with clues evenly spread between the "episodes." Depending on the success of each "season" it may be picked up for another. The RP itself would focus on a special squad (like Five-0) with special rights and focusing on more action. Please reply if you would be interested.
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    Default Re: Serial Detective RP Interest Thread

    This sounds interesting. Iwould join


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