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    Default The RPG Directory [V 2.0]

    Welcome to

    The RPG Directory [Version 2.0]

    We're going to be using a unique new system to keep track of the RPs you currently have. All you have to do is post once and edit that post for every RP that you make (or even the ones that you've made in the past if you want to do some digging) and, if you'd like the ones that you participate or have participated in. In just depends on what you want to do.

    This system is being implemented as necessary and it is very easy to do. Here's an example:

    Aie's RPs
    The Order of Ancients - Sign-Ups - CLOSED
    The Order of Ancients - Start-Ups - FINISHED
    Its easy, I'll have a post up with all of my stuff as an example in a little bit.

    ALSO: to those who will inevitably claim that this is stupid and wastes time, does it REALLY take that long to edit a post with a link to the RP and the sign-ups? I mean really?
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    Default Re: The RPG Directory [V 2.0]

    The RPGs of TGT
    Pokemon Luxury Cruise-Sign Ups-NOW CLOSED
    Pokemon Luxury Cruise-Start Up-HAS DIED :(

    (Iz I doing this right?)
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    Default Re: The RPG Directory [V 2.0]

    Kamen Rider: Genesis-sign ups- Open!

    Pokemon: Escape From Team Rocket
    -sign ups-open!

    Dark Arena: Sign ups open!

    Polteon's Haunted Castle: Sign ups! and Start ups!
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