Okay, so who's a horror novel lover here?
I'm planning an RP, but sadly, all my RP ideas die/Suicide before they even started =|

Anyway, the RP idea is about people who's stranded on a small island, in the island, there is a big, castle like haunted mansion.
People will die one by one(yes, they're goin to be killed by ghost, but dun worreh, only NPC are goin to die. But if you want your character to die then whatever) if they entered the house.

Well, they can just stay on the beach and don't come near the mansion, but they'll run outta food, no shelter, no nothing.

You might find a useful thing for you to use to escape the island in the mansion, but can you survive inside it?

This RP is about survival, and yes, this is going to be a gory one because there will be loads of blood and scary ghost.

So what do you think?