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    Default Destiny Bonds Discussion Thread

    Plot:Team Plasma has the Unova region in a tight grip. Every single day, the mysterious N makes speeches to people, begging them to release their Pokemon. And every day, hundreds of foolish trainers abandon their close bonds with their Pokemon and release them. Unbeknowest to the trainers, Team Plasma has motivations behind this practice. If there are no trainers, then there is nobody to oppose them and stop them from targeting the two legendary dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom.

    A hero can be found in the most unlikely of people. Forunately for the Unova region, they have a group of heroes to oppose Team Plasma. A group of kids setting out on their own journeys will discover much about themselves and about the bond with Pokemon as they fight to discover their path in life and take down Team Plasma.

    This rpg is set mainly in the Unova region. When it starts, all of the trainers will be waking up on the morning that their journey begins. They will journey to Professor Juniper's lab in Nuvema Town to select one of the three Unova starters.

    Grass Snake Pokemon
    Moves:Tackle, Leer

    Fire Pig Pokemon
    Moves:Tackle, Tail Whip

    Sea Otter Pokemon
    Moves:Tackle, Tail Whip

    Name:Amber Whetchton - Cartmanland
    Personality:Amber is a very optimistic person, trying to see the good in everyone. Amber doesn't believe that anybody can be truly evil and will often try to help out people who she feels are confused or conflicted.
    Appearance:Amber has red hair neatly tied into braids. She has freckles around her cheeks and nose. Amber typically wears a uniform from the Pokemon Trainer's School ; a long sleeve blouse with a vest on top and a plaid skirt with socks that go up to her knees and Mary Janes on her feet.
    History:Amber was heavily sheltered by her parents as a child. Her family moved from Goldenrod City in Johto to Striation City in Unova. Her parents are overly neurotic and paranoid of everything. Forunately, Amber managed to persuade them to let her go on a journey.
    Inventory:Pokedex, Pokeballs x5, Town Map, PokeGear
    Hometown:Goldenrod City (Originally), Striaton City

    Personality:Azura is a very friendly and curious baby Pokemon who enjoys bouncing around and cuddling with her trainer.
    History:Azura was given to Amber by her grandparents, the Day Care Couple in Goldenrod City as an egg as a parting gift.
    Moves:Splash, Charm, Scald

    Wyrm (no last name known) - Charizardman
    Appearance:Wyrm wears a hat, which covers his head, and a jacket, even if it is warm outside.
    Personality:He loves being kind and caring, but can be a bit rambunctious at times.
    History: He was born and raised in Opelucid City, and he moved to Striaton City when he was 13. He already had an odd colored Charmander from his parents for his tenth birthday. He got an Oshawott from Professor Juniper, and he has lived there for 5 years, until his friend Amber decides to go on a journey, and he figures he'd tag along.
    Inventory: Pokedex, 5 PokeBalls, a PokeGear and a Town Map.
    Hometown: Opelucid City, moved to Striaton City at 13

    Charmander- Level 5

    Oshawott- Level 5
    Water Gun

    Name: Lelouch

    Personality: Lelouch is friendly towards other people and pokemon. Dilligent to a fault, he puts great effort into all that he does. Conversely, when he is not concentrating on something Lelouch is quite laid back.
    Appearance: Lelouch has a long white beard and mustache. Oddly only looks about 1/2 of his actual age. He wears a gray robe, a pointy hat, a short red cape and uses a wooden cane to walk. (even though he doesn't need it)

    History: When Lelouch was young, he hiked up Mt. Silver for exercise but could not find a way back down. For decades he survived in the wilderness, making friends with wild pokemon and also fighting off hostile pokemon. One day, Lelouch happened to bump into a trainer who gave him a map that enabled him to finally come down from the mountain. When he heard that people could actually TRAIN pokemon, Lelouch rushed over to Unova to become a trainer himself.

    Inventory: C-Gear, Pokeballs x5
    Hometown: Pewter city

    Pokemon: Oshawott (Jak), Moves - Tackle, Tail whip, Water gun

    Corey Weir
    Appearance:He has short blond hair, and wears a standard outfit.
    Personality:Corey is mean, he is mean to his Pokemon and others, especially Wyrm
    Trainer Class:Pokemon Gym Challenger (Trainer basically)
    Hometown:Striaton City

    Moves:Pound, Growl, Water Gun

    Name: Camille O'Brien
    Personality: Camille prefers to blend in to the environment, and tries not to be seen. She is rather quiet, yet has no problems with speaking up if need be. Despite her dark, fierce demeanor, she is quite nice, though can be aggressive.

    Appearance: Camille has extremely pale skin, sharp blue eyes, and jet black hair that reaches her shoulders. She wears a black cloth that covers her hair, black scarf which is sometimes seen over her mouth, especially in battle, black short-sleeved dress, black long-sleeved undershirt, black gloves, black leggings, and black shoes. She is rather tall at 5'9", and has a slender yet curvy figure.

    History: Camille spent the first few years of her life in Twinleaf Town. During this time, she befriended a Murkrow. When Camille's family moved to Castelia City, they brought Murkrow with them. Camille was never able to make friends, so she hung out with Murkrow. When she turned 10, she finally went on her journey with Murkrow.

    Inventory: Pokédex, Poké Balls x5, PokéNav
    Hometown: Twinleaf Town(Originally), Castelia City
    Class:Pokemon Trainer


    Species: Murkrow
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Midnight
    Personality: Murkrow
    Moves: Pursuit, Peck, Haze, Double Team

    For the first time, in Destiny Bonds there will be a recurring wild Pokemon. The shiny Beautifly! She is uncatchable for the time being and will serve the same role as Ho-Oh did in the anime, following and watching over the group of friends and providing them protection on their journey. Occasionally one of the friends will notice her but when they try to point her out to the others, she will be gone.

    Shiny Beautifly
    Trainer:Wild (Uncatchable)
    Personality:Shiny Beautifly is a uniquely colored Beautifly who watches over the new trainers on their journey.

    This thread is to discuss and suggest ideas! All ideas and opinions are welcome so don't be afraid to suggest some ideas!
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    Default Re: Destiny Bonds Discussion Thread

    Great! The Shiny Beautifly sounds interesting.

    This is information about gym battles.

    Every time we come to a major city with a gym I will give a rundown of the gym leader there and their team. For each gym battle you must write a story (preferably in spoilers) about your gym battle with them. It must be 1500 characters at least. I will check them to make sure they are 1500. The only thing I am checking is the character count. You could spell everything wrong and I wouldn't care. Each Elite Four member will be 2000 characters and the champion will be 3000. I don't want to hear complaints because 1500 isn't really that much. N battles are completely optional and have NO TEXT MINIMUM.

    Thanks and RP on!


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