You may not know it but I'm a huge fan of cyberpunk.

And I wanted to see how a cyberpunk MLP:FiM RP would fly here.

I have to sharpen up the plotline but I have the setting done well:

Ponyville has become "Ponytropolis" - a gritty cyberpunk city that evokes Blade Runner's Los Angeles combined with bits of modern Hong Kong. Elevated walkways and roads link "islands" of skyscrapers. But the street level is also fairly crowded two.

A massive network of caverns and tunnels run underneath Ponyopolis. This is the "under city", where the infrastructure of the city (power, farming, water, sewage processing, communications, etc.) is located. It is also, an extremely sleazy place where prostitution, illegal gambling, illegal racing, selling of black market cybernetic augmentations/drugs and general unpleasantness takes place.

Canterlot has become a ultra-clean postcyberpunk city with lots of gleaming glass, crystal and metal everywhere. The structures are more "airy" that those in "Ponytropolis".

Cloudsdale has become a dirty, crime-ridden industrial city.

Technology has merged with magic to the degree that augmentations are commonplace.

A high-tech maglev train system connects all points in Equestria.


Mane Six, thirty five years later:

Pinkie Pie - owns nice. "family friendly" cafe in the nice section of Ponytropolis but the Pinkamena side owns a gritty, sleazy nightclub (you know, strippers, drugs, bar brawls, etc.) in the bad section of Ponytropolis.

Rainbow Dash - Stunt pilot for the Wonderbolts. And a participant in underground races.

Twilight Sparkle - Works at a government sponsored magic/technology research institution.

Applejack - Owns an underground hydroponics farm with her family.

Rarity - Owns a high tech factory/mine that supplies raw materials for assorted industries in and around Ponytropolis. Being Rarity, she relies on either robots or paid laborers to do the manual labor.

Fluttershy - Works at a charity for homeless/poor ponies.

The CMC of the future:

<Cyborg> Scootaloo - One of the more famous racers in the underground racing circuit.

Sweetie Belle - Assists Rarity at her factory/mine.

Apple Bloom - Works on her family's underground hydroponic farm.


Profile for OCs:


Type of Pony:


Cutie Mark:



Other: (augmentations, etc)