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    So I started a game of One Piece D20 with my bros at lunch. It's basically D&D, but with new classes and careers, and devil fruit powers instead of magic. I need to keep notes, but I figured I could put them here so you guys could read it, because so far it's turning out to be a pretty good story.

    The Cast
    Joker: He wears a sombrero and a pair of scimitars with equal authority. He's fast enough to run on water, and possesses the Swap-Swap fruit, which lets him cause people to swap places with himself, other people, or objects. He has a bulldog shi-tzu mix, named Bullshit. Both of them are controlled by Josh.

    Dr. Swords: A merman scientist with a crazy mustache and a swordfish crossbow that can shoot ice arrows. He is aided by his minion Paco, a giant octopus who wields a shovel and wears a top hat. They are both controlled by Claire.

    Dr. Fist: A longarm tribesman doctor. He's very short, and thus uses his arms to walk, when he's not punching people with them. He also has a huge afro. He is controlled by Luke.

    Fat Louie: A morbidly obese giant navigator, he wades into battle with an insane amount of stamina and a pair of cleavers. He is controlled by Antonio.

    The story begins inside Amanita Prison, a military outpost located on Mushroom Island. Due to being understaffed, the marines compensate for this by making the prison itself a death trap: It is located in a huge cavern beneath the ground, made of cages suspended from the ceiling and connected by a series of platforms and cable cars. All of this hangs over a pit full of steel spikes.

    It is here that our heroes are imprisoned. Joker was arrested for illegal immigration, Dr. Swords for animal abuse, Dr. Fist for malpractice, Bullshit for biting the mayor, and Paco for rape. The heroes are one day away from execution when they hear an explosion from above. A few minutes later, a prisoner comes and unlocks them. Before they can question him on why, he is shot dead by a pair of marines. Joker, who's cage was next to them, slashed one of them in half. Dr. Swords fired on the other. The party then crossed in a cable car, where they found the animal cages. Bullshit was too weak to fight, and Paco was drugged.

    So they continued on, and saw the next cable car was on the other side of the cable. Dr. Fist tried to climb to the other side, but after almost falling to his death, thought better of it. Dr. Swords fired his crossbow at the lever on the other side. Claire rolled a twenty, so the bolt ricocheted off the lever, stabbing the guard on the other side through the head. they proceeded to the next car. Dr. Swords rolled a 20 to hit the lever again, causing the arrow to ricochet and hit the guard on the other side in the testicles. In pain, he stumbled off of the platform to his death.

    On the next island, they found the way blocked by the warden's grandson. Clad in green, he was rendered unable to communicate in anything but a series of yells after being shanked in the throat by a prisoner. Since then, he always traveled the prison wielding a sword and shield. With a guttural roar, he charged at Joker, slicing him across his stomach. Dr. Fist reached around Joker, grabbed the kid by the head, and hurled him off the side of the grate, killing him.

    Dr. Fist began healing Joker. They heard steps approaching. In the dim lamplight, they saw an old woman with a can and sunglasses. The warden. Up until now, they had never known why she needed sunglasses when travelling dark caves. But then she took off the sunglasses, revealing a pair of milky white orbs. As she drew a sword from her can and cut the cord holding the lamp, bathing the room in darkness, the party realized why she was the warden:

    She was blind.

    The warden charged at Joker, slashing him. But then by pure luck, Joker parried and disarmed her. Dr. Fist then punched her, jamming his fist through her chest. Finally, Dr. Swords closed in, stabbing her in the head with his swordfish crossbow. On her corpse, they found the key to the elevator up, and feeling their way around, found their way topside. There, they encountered a tall, bearded man. He told them that they could come with him and help him on his mission, or be killed by the reinforcements. The crew agreed to travel with the man, who introduced himself as Raulo.

    On the ship, they met a man who called Paco stupid. Dr. Swords glared at him, and he hid under the table. They saw a giant spider scamper by, and learned it was the pet of the ship's first mate. Raulo then called a briefing. Their destination was in sight: Candy Island. Rault told them they were to find the candy men, then report back to him, not making any contact with them. They landed on the shore, and Dr. Swords, Dr. Fist, Joker, Paco, and Bullshit entered the jungle.

    After travelling for a while, they came upon a clearing, housing a pond full of lemonade. The team decided to drink from it. As they did so, a massive snake made of a translucent green substance charged out. It launched a stream of caramel at them, entangling Dr. Swords. Joker swung at it, and it sliced clean through it's head...Which then reattached itself. Dr. Fist noticed a caramel center, and launched a punch at the beast, wounding it. With it's weakness spotted, the crew attacked, Bullshit biting, Paco slamming it with his tentacles, and Josh slashing. Then, the best devoured Dr. Swords. From inside the beast, Dr. Swords armed his crossbow with a special freezing arrow. He launched it, and it hit the beast's heart directly, shattering it. The beast fell apart, and a translucent man made of blue jelly rose from it. They also found a gigantic ruby in it. A bunch of multicolored people emerged from the forest. Using his wisdom, Dr. Fist was able to deduce that they wanted the team to follow them.

    After arriving at the candy men's village, they were introduced to Dan the Burrito Man. He offered them burritos, and told them that he had washed ashore here long ago, and that he could interpret for the players. The candy man king revealed that the giant snake had been troubling for some time, and for defeating it, he would allow one of them to marry his daughter. His morbidly obese mustachioed daughter. Who would give control of the candy men to whoever married her. In preparation for the wedding, the candy men held a great feast, of dirt and gravel and sand. Just as they were about to eat, shots rang out. The rest of the people our heroes had been traveling with arrived.

    Raulto emerged from the trees. He revealed that their mission was to capture the candy men and turn them into candy. The party didn't like this, so they fought. Raulo drew his weapon, and fired a beam of energy at Dr. Swords, while his men attacked the candy men. Raulo's beam was powerful, but worked well only at long range, so Joker used his Swap-Swap fruit powers to keep him within melee range. Dr. Fist used his long arms to punch foes through the windows, until one of the thugs grabbed him by the arm and suplexed him out. The gang attacked him, but then Dr. Swords threw a chemical grenade at them, killing the now clustered foes. Finally, when he was down to two men and himself, and having had his nose torn off, Raulo tried to run. It was at that point he ran into Fat Louie, who had been a prisoner he freed. Raulo finally surrendered. He revealed that his team was simply a distraction, and that the rest of the crew was headed for the temple on another side of the island. The king of the candy men then revealed some bad news:

    The temple was where the women and children of the village had fled. As well as the princess.

    Will the crew save the candy men from the evil pirates? Will Dr. Fist get to marry a morbidly obese woman made of high fructose corn syrup? And will Paco or Bullshit actually ever be useful? Find out next time one One Piece D20!
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