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"Nan, I'm going to the port! I'll be back soon!"

A loud thud when the door closed, followed by a soft scraping sound. The elderly woman had leisurely continued grinding various berries in a mortar, but smiled at the thought of her granddaughter. Some company would do her good. She was always so caught up in her daydreams or busy doing chores, that she rarely would meet up with other people her age.

It had been the right decission to open the house for guests. With the Festival of the Sea and Sky coinciding with the re-opening of Trainer Tower, the Sevii Islands would be flocked with tourists. And the archipelago's Pokémon Centers (which would often double as hotels) simply couldn't accomodate that many people. so many of the islanders had offered their homes to the visitors. Over the past days, many of them had arrived already and now, two days before the start of the festival, the others would surely arrive as well.

Their own guests would arrive today, two young woman. She hoped they would all get along, it would be nice if Fae could make some friends. She'd been so excited about meeting new people. It would probably turn out al right, the old woman reasured herself, most people took a liking to her granddaughter despite her... oddness. And if it turned out they didn't all get along... Well, it would only be a week. As she was pondering over the things to come, she heard the front door open again.

"Sorry Nan, forgot my sign! I'm heading out again, bye!"
"Be sure to bring our guests home immediatelly and don't drag them to all kinds of places first! I'm sure they will be tired from the journey!" she couldn't help calling after her. Though her granddaughter probably hadn't heard it anymore. A chuckle escaped the womans lips. That girl, always with her head in the clouds.

Fae, now with sign, had left the house once again, running down the sandy path down to the port. Five Island was a rather small community, with a tiny Pokémon Center and a lack of paved roads. It didn't take long before she'd reached the towns port. Port being a big word for a simple wooden pier. Her steps sounded hollow as she walked along it, stopping about halfway. This would be a good place, there was no way their guests could overlook her here. Though any other would probably argue no one would be able to overlook her, no matter where she would be standing.

Fae had worked for two days straight on her outfit and sign and was looking remarkably much like the counterpart of Pokémon next to her. Most of her time had been put in the skirt, consisting of strands of dried and fresh gras, creating a yellow and green striped pattern. A light green tank top dug up from the bottom of her closet was added, almost completing the look. As the finishing touch, she had put two bright red flowers in her long black hair.

"Do you think I look alright, Maya?" the olive-skinned girl asked, fidgetting with the cardboard sign. The Vileplumemade a reassuring sound, which Fae thought was a yes.

People who'd gathered at the pier suddenly started talking and pointing to the ocean. A ship had appeared in the distance and it wouldn't be long before it would anchor at the pier. Excited, Fae held up her sign, reading 'WELCOME AGATHA & RACHELLE!', almost jumping up and down. Rarely anything happened on the islands, so even the arrival of the ferry was a big event.

Soon, the ship anchored and passengers started to leave. Fae stretched to her full height, which was still a mere 5'3", trying to spot her guests. She was still waving energetically with her sign, which was probably unreadable due to all the movement. Surely, any moment someone in the crowd would wave and approach her. Right?