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Everyone in the land of Eonia wanted to conquer the rumored castles in another world; however, they had heard that whoever travels there will never be able to return, and almost no one dared to make the journey. Today, two of the very few determined-enough Pokemon were about to set out on that other world. They thought being the lord of the castles would be a thrilling experience, so they didn't pay attention to the negative things that they've been hearing. Heck, the inhabitants of the beach they're currently at, are already giving them the "I feel sorry for you... goodbye" look.

"Geez, what's with the way that those Krabby stare at us?" Gyr asked the Glameow sitting beside him. He knows the answer, actually, but just wanted to voice out the question, hoping that the crustacean-like Pokemon would get the hint and just ignore them.

"Eh, probably because they think we're gonna die," Cressy answered simply, shaking her head in annoyance. "Don't worry; once the others get here, we'll leave immediately." She patted the back of her Poochyena friend. And they better arrive soon.