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Thread: Melody of School - Pandora Hearts (HilbertCresLover & NfiNity)

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    So Alice didn't see anyone either...

    Oz looked over to Alice and smiled. "What do you think? Let's go get Elliot! It'd be waaay too dangerous to leave him alone here. Right, Leo?"

    Leo was a bit ashamed to have been seen without his master. He was supposed to stay by his side and protect him, and yet he left Elliot while he was feeling so vulnerable...

    I'm terrible.
    Leo thought to himself, over and over again.

    Leo nodded to Oz. "Right, Oz-kun. Elliot was over that way." He ran on ahead of Oz and Alice.

    "Alice, come on! Maybe we'll find some clues over here along with Elliot!"

    And maybe I can ask Elliot about being a contractor soon...

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    Alice nodded and ran with Oz and Leo to go find Elliot.

    While looking behind a couple times, she tried to see if she could maybe find out who's foot she saw earlier.


    Elliot still kept walking, and his mind was getting more and more hazy.

    Not only that, but the images of blood kept surrounding him. Right when he couldn't take it, he fell down again.

    "Shit..." Elliot mumbled while laying down. "Leo, if I can't make it out of here, I hope you can..."

    As Elliot said that, right as he was about to close his eyes, he saw Leo with Oz and Alice coming over.

    "L-Leo...? With Oz Vessalius...?" Elliot said while making no effort to get up.

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