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    Oz chuckled at Alice's embarrassment. He continued to hang onto her.

    As Alice informed Oz that she heard footsteps, he wondered if he should take Alice and hide behind something, but it didn't seem there would be enough time for that. The sound of the footsteps grew and grew. As the footsteps were heard, so was Lacie. It continued to be faintly played.

    If Only Gil was here right now... We could unleash the B-Rabbit.

    "Don't worry, I'm sure this is... nothing much..." Even Oz had a hard time covering his fear this time. He clung onto Alice tightly, but firmly, as to let her know he had her back.

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    Alice got off Oz, and with some trouble got in front of him. "Damn, if only seaweed head was here, we wouldn't have to worry if whatever is coming is a chain or not..."

    She turned to look at Oz. "Should we make a run for it?" Alice asked Oz. "But if we do... What if this place has one of my memories?"


    Meanwhile with Gil...

    Gil had made it to Lutwidge Academy somehow.

    "Phew... Bout time I made it here. Now to get a map and go back and get Oz and that stupid rabbit." Gil said to himself while walking around the campus.

    Elliot noticed Gil and walked over along with Leo who was next to him.


    Gil was surprised to hear his name and looked over, seeing it was Elliot who called out to him. "E-Elliot!"

    "Sheesh, what the hell took you so long to get here!? The introduction is over already." Elliot scolded.

    Gil scratched the back of his head. "S-Sorry... We got lost and I was looking for directions-"

    Elliot interrupted Gil. "'We'? Do you mean Oz Vessalius and that other girl? Why aren't they with you anyway!?"

    "I left them behind to look for directions. I think I left them near a street with.... The letter 'J' or something..." Gil informed Elliot.

    Elliot looked over at Leo, and then back at Gil. "A street with a 'J'? You don't mean 'Jub' street do you?"

    "Uh, yes.... Why?" Gil asked, wondering why Elliot asked him that.

    "I hope they didn't wander in there. That place has been abandoned for years due to... Strange things there. Pandora had been investigating the place I'd heard, but..." Elliot told Gil.

    Gil began to get a little nervous hearing that. "What!? Dammit... I hope Oz and that stupid rabbit didn't go into that place!" Gil began to run off. "See you, Elliot!"

    "Wait! I'm coming too." Elliot shouted at Gil.

    Gil nodded in agreement and began to run ahead, worried about Oz.

    "Come on, Leo." Elliot said as he began to run ahead as well.
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    Oz looked over to Alice with worry if she was well enough to be getting up now. He let her stand on her own though, as not to embarrass her. Oz then responded to Alice's question; "If there is a piece of your memories here.... then we can just come back! Right now, this place is a liiiittle to risky to be in when you can't transform into the B-Rabbit!"

    Oz then walked over to Alice and grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's go find Gil!"


    Leo stood by, watching as Elliot and Gil informed each other of what was going on.

    "So, are we off to find Oz-kun then, Elliot? Along with your elder brother?"

    Leo walked beside Elliot, as usual. He didn't want to be left behind, since sometimes Elliot has a habit of running off without Leo, since he charges on without thinking.

    Leo then stopped. "Wait, Elliot. If this is true, wouldn't it be dangerous for just us to go? Maybe we should..." Leo then realized who he was speaking to. This was Elliot, the incredibly headstrong and righteous master of his who is determined to do whatever task he must do. It would be pointless convincing him anything right now.

    Leo let out a sigh. He never listens to me, does he...

    With that, Leo continued by Elliot and Gilbert.

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    Alice had no choice but to go away, since Oz was leading her away by the hand. She looked behind as they were running though, and saw a foot. "Oz! I saw something... Whoever that was, doesn't appear to be a chain!" Alice informed Oz.


    Elliot looked over at Leo while the two continued to walk. "We'll just have to find out if it'll be dangerous, won't we?" Elliot said to Leo. "We better hurry. Gilbert already ran ahead of us. He sure is concerned about that Vessalius brat."

    Gil was a bit ahead of both Elliot and Leo, and continued to run faster. "Damn, where was that street..." As Gilbert muttered that to himself, he suddenly saw the street. He quickly made a swift turn to go into the street.

    "Geez, wait a second for us!" Elliot yelled at Gil while also turning to go into that street as well.

    As Gil was rushing along, he suddenly bumped into Oz and Alice.

    "Oz!! Are you two alright!?"

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    Oz then stopped as he heard Alice comment on how the thing she saw was not a chain. It made him sigh in relief for a moment. He let go of her hand, and then he heard Gilbert's voice calling out to him.

    "Giiil! Over here! Geez, fashionably late as always.", Snickered Oz, teasing Gil as usual. "Are you with someone~" And then Oz saw Elliot and his valet, Leo.

    "Elliot! What are you doing here?!" Oz said, in shock. He was not expecting to see Elliot and Leo here at this moment. Shouldn't they be in school right now?

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    Gil sighed out of relief. "Yeah, I ran into Elliot." Gil told Oz while looking over at Elliot.

    "What am I doing here!? You were the one who got lost! We had no choice but to come find you since Gilbert ran into us..." Elliot said to Oz while looking away. "You guys already missed the orientation, being so late."

    Alice stared at Elliot for a second but then looked the other way. "I wonder what I saw back there was..."

    "Huh? You saw something stupid rabbit?" Gil asked.

    Alice ignored Gil's stupid rabbit comment. "Yeah, a foot or something.... A human foot."

    Elliot glanced around. "Hmm. I wonder if we should explore the place, Leo."

    "Hey! Elliot, that'd be too dangerous!" Gil yelled at Elliot.

    "You be quiet, coward. The Nightrays are already working with Pandora to find out what's up with this place. Since we're here, I might as well take a look around."

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    Oz was still shocked to see Elliot, even after the explanation on why he was even there. As much as he was shocked, he was still a bit happy to see him. Oz then nodded at Alice's comment on how she saw a human foot right before Gilbert, Elliot, and Leo came.

    "Yeah, and then we also heard---" Oz stopped mid-sentence. Should I tell Elliot about Lacie being played...? I mean, I still need to ask him about how he composed Lacie...

    Leo noticed that Oz wanted to say something, but didn't pry on what it was. He looked over to Elliot.

    "Elliot, are we heading off to see then? We're late already, though. Although saying that won't change your mind, I know..." Leo continued to stand right beside Elliot.

    Oz then ran over towards Gil. "Heeey, Gil! Should we follow along with Elliot and Leo? What if they got into biiig trouble along the way~? We should help them!"

    Leo heard that Oz wanted to come along, and then whispered into Elliot's ear, "Oz-kun wants to come with us... what should we do?"

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    Elliot sighed. "That Vessalius brat can come along if he wants, I guess." Elliot replied back at Leo.

    "Oz! It could be dangerous. I mean-"

    Alice cut off Gil's sentence though. "Seaweed head, you really think Oz will care if it's dangerous or not?"

    "Urgh! That's true... Bad part is, I have to go back to the school since I'm a teacher, and I'm already hours late..." Gil said to them all. He wanted to stay with Oz, but he could get fired if he didn't go back. "Fine, I suppose you guys can try and find what's up with this place, but promise to be careful, Oz." Gil reluctantly said.

    As Gil said that, he went off back to the academy.

    Elliot looked over at Oz. "Just going to warn you, but as I'm sure you know, this place is likely to be dangerous. Anyway, should we spit up and look around?"

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    Leo nodded from Elliot's reply back to him.

    Then Oz smiled back at Gil and replied with, "You got it, Gil! I'll be juuust fine~! You make sure to get back to the academy safely, you hear me?" He then waved Gil goodbye.

    Oz then walked next to Elliot and smiled from Elliot's comment. "Nothing to worry about with me! We made it through alright before in Lutwidge Academy, right? We can be fine again."

    Leo also smiled. "Oz-kun is right, Elliot. Nothing to worry about here. Now then, since there are four of us here, should we make it so there are two groups of two?"

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    Gil waved back at Oz as he ran off. Still worried of course, but he couldn't change the fact that Oz would have stayed behind anyway.

    Elliot smiled a little. "Someone sure is cocky." He then looked at Leo. "Yeah. Who wants to go with who?" Elliot asked to no one in particular.

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    "Haha! Look who's talking Elliot!" Oz said, slightly mocking Elliot.

    Everyone just stood looking at one another for a moment, not knowing what to say or who to go with right away.

    Then Oz walked over to Alice. "I'd be too worried about Alice to leave her, so I'll go with her, okay?"

    Leo then walked next to Elliot. "So if Oz-kun is going with her, then that leaves you and me, eh, Elliot?"

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    '"Very funny, shorty." Elliot sarcastically remarked at Oz's comment.

    Elliot then nodded at Leo. "Yeah." He then walked over to Oz. "You better not get killed or anything. I have something I want to talk to you about after this..."

    "Alright, come on Leo. We should split up now then." Elliot said beginning to walk off. He then remembered something and walked back over to Oz. "Here's a communicator thing. If you need to contact us for some reason, use it." Elliot handed the communicator to Oz, and then walked off with Leo.

    Alice stared at the communicator, never having seen anything like it before. "Hey, Oz. When are you going to ask him about that piece?"
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    Oz took the communicator and then responded to Elliot's earlier statement, "Ehhh~? Best tell that to yourself Elliot, I have things I want to ask you, too!" He then waved to Elliot and Leo, as they walked off.

    Oz stared at the communicator with Alice, both whom had never seen anything like it, despite Oz coming from a fairly rich family. He then heard Alice's voice, instantly perking him up.

    "Ah, the piece? Well, I figured I would ask him perhaps when we met back up. No need to rush, right? We are going to the same school together, after all!"

    Oz stood close to Alice, as usual, to make sure she wouldn't run off without him. I better watch her like a hawk, I can't have her getting lost... She can't use the B-Rabbit's powers now, so...

    "So! Alice, shall we be off? Wanna.... go where we heard Lacie playing?"

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    Alice nodded. "Ah. Yeah." She responded, seeming a bit out of it. "Perhaps if we go there, we'll find whoever was there earlier."

    She began to go on ahead. Glancing around every corner, Alice tried to find out who that was earlier.

    Elliot sighed. "I wonder what that brat wants to talk to me about later... Sheesh, I can't believe he wanted to actually look around as well."

    While walking, Elliot began to hear something. "What's that sound...?"

    As Elliot asked that he began to run ahead of Leo. "I know this sound...!?" Elliot kept running, not even realizing he was going way too ahead of Leo.

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    Oz smiled at Alice and walked just a tiny bit ahead of her, in case things got dangerous. As he kept walking, he remained ultimately cautious.

    Who knows who or what could be around in this desolate area... I can't have Alice getting hurt.

    "Alice, wanna go this way now?" Oz kept on walking, close by Alice.


    As Elliot began to run off ahead of Leo, Leo didn't even notice right away that Elliot ran on ahead of him.

    "Hey, Elliot, where...." He then noticed Elliot was not right by his side like he should have been. Leo had a bad habit of getting easily distracted by his surroundings, so he was clueless enough to not realize his master was not near him. He began to run off, to where he thought Elliot might have been.

    "Elliot! Elliot, where did you--!?"

    I'm his valet, I have to find him... and fast..!

    Leo continued running, looking at every corner to see if Elliot was in sight. Finally, he heard something familiar...

    "Elliot---" Leo ran right into Elliot, knocking them both to the ground.

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